I wonder if there are any plans for self-hosted dedicated servers support. If so, I would be eager to host my own one.
I've almost given up video gaming but I will upgrade my rig solely for this game when it's finally out. It's quite clear that SWAT4 was the biggest inspiration for devs.
Congratz mate :)
Wish you the best of luck guys. ETS will forever stay in my heart. Congratulations to Jolty, goodbye to Hunter and goodbye to fellow clan members.
Excluding damaged hardware and keeping only software issues in mind: 1) Missing files? 2) Compatibility mode? 3) Have you installed/uninstalled anything recently? 4) Try running in windowed mode 5) Check swat4.ini file, maybe you are using unsupported resolution? 6) Get rid of game movies, check if ...
Welcome back Ragdoll
Session has ended. Thanks for coming guys!

Thread *closed*
Here it is. Another Custom Maps Session :D

Don't get rusty, maintain superior skills, join the session. Lots of death and satisfaction guaranteed.
17:30 GMT+0. Vote for desired date. If you're not sure if you can participate, join Reserve. If you are almost 100% sure, join any team.
Ragdoll, I'm granting you Recruit rank of ETS clan. Good to have you again in our member list (hopefully as full member yet again soon, yet I'm sure there won't be any problems :D). You were the member once so we reserve our right to speed up recruitment process but I can't promise anything at the m...
Hey Ragdoll,

Good to see you reapply mate! Please fix your Steam custom ID as you have provided us with SteamID instead.

There's no need to test your skills so I will grant you Recruit rank tomorrow morning, unless someone does it before me.

Talk to you soon,

Hey guys,

I'm terribly sorry for not showing up, I had to stay at work urgently.
I'll try my best so that it won't happen again.

I hope the session was successful and you guys had fun :)

COOP Custom Maps Session will be held in the beginning of August. See you there guys.

Thread *closed*
Hey guys, Thanks for participating in the survey. I will now post the results here. I took all votes into consideration and tried to put all votes together, making a compromise out of it. Date of the event: 14-07-2017 Time: 17:30 GMT+0, so 19:30 for GMT+2 etc. Remember to check your timezone includi...
MADMAX, your ban has been removed. You are now free to join ETS server. You will be under monitored status for the duration of 4 months, in other words until 01.11.2017. Any sign of bad behaviour will result in permanent ban. Regards, xyzzy EDIT: MADMAX, please remember to join the server only with ...