Moody Irish song:

Video from the channel "War Aesthetics" featuring the song "Crimewave" by Crystal Castles (has been posted on the reddit page of RoN)

I dont know, the game shifted to far away from the initial plans. For me at least. Not only they kept that minecraft look , its only PvP and there is no real info about the praised map randomization (which makes me very, very sceptical). Thus my expectations from this game are very low - and i certa...

Atheism destroyed by Trump. Because he claims Atheism equals no morale - and everyone believes him! :mrgreen:
The intentions of the developer are great. Indeed everything is clearly inspired by the Swat series. :clap:
Lets hope they build a good game, not repeating the "Takedown: Red Sabre" disaster.

If you ask me, they can take an extra dev year if the product is well polished in the end!

Hey Hunter,

yes the site banners are fixed now. :handgestures-thumbup:
Indeed, because on the portal page the image links still pointing to "" ( Maybe the portal page is a seperate html file on the webserver... from the error message i would conclude you need to edit that "custom_center.html" with the c...
Hey, i just wanted to ask briefly, if someone could reupload the custom map pack on the Swat4 ETS server? At the moment custom maps do not work, when voted it just switches back to a default map. :confusion-helpsign: Furthermore the sitebanners are missing quite a while now... probably not the most ...
Name of player: |||SAS|||Nolan IP Address: unknown Offences: Intentional Teamkilling Date: 09.01.2018, 16:45 GMT Evidence: server logs (im sure you will also find evidence for |||SAS|||kull777 acting against the rules) screenshots
Name of player: |||SAS|||DeMoN & |||SAS|||Daikon IP Address: unknown Offences: Intentional Teamkilling Date: 02.01.2018 around 17:00 GMT Evidence: Screenshots Witnesses: UnsE|Altair Information: Round started and they switched team to locate us (me a...
Hey guys, really sad to hear that. Indeed, the great days of Swat4 are over. Still it is a game filling its niche with no real competitor around. Hunter, of course i can understand that you cannot go on without motivation. Its a hobby, when its no longer fun, you gotta stop... but i really hope it w...

I Love Videogames - Mic-B ft. 3Ric

Usually not a big rap fan, but this sounds nice... and the video brings in the right amount of humor :)
A new devblog is out with another promo trailer. Link: TtEosGhOpZg This blog has a lot of info about technical aspects, especially about the physics and graphics engine as well as the user-interface resp. HUD (which is annouced to be mi...