@point44 thanks for making me aware of Rhyme Asylum, awesome oldschool

Just seen 'em live an hour ago, Rumjacks...if you ever have the oppertunity to see them live, make sure you'll do, you won't be disappointed!!!

Congratulations Accuser. Well done, glad to have you on bord!
Congratulations Pooo, great work! See ya soon on the server.
Congratulations Espada, had no doubts you will make it. Well deserved!
Hi Brian,

best of luck with your application, looking forward to meet you on the server.
Holy macaroni with cheese, another new recruit!

These are some marvelous times for ETS. Really happy to see your app here. Best of luck, see ya in-game! :D
Hey Spelmer,

great to see yet another applicant, good luck on your road to ETS!
Hey point44,

good luck with your application, man! See ya in game.
Hi Ahmed,

good luck with your application. Haven't had the honor to play with you aswell so far, have you been playing under a different nickname on the server maybe?
Congratulations! Well done, Toph.
Hey, great to see your application here aswell. :) Good luck and see you in-game
Good luck HP!
Hey, good luck with your App, RJIND! See you in-game.