I really wished 10 David and Sierra and irrational games didnt die. Back when SWAT 4 was brand new it was the first of its kind.. I cant wait for this game to come out the closest we have atm is Siege (Lets be honnest is more like Cod than swat) So I am personaly pumped for this!
Hey guys just taught id make this to post some old videos and such of us playing together! (ETS) Post your pictures / videos bellow!


Way back when..
What time are most of yall on.. been trying to get some games in with the squad but have only got some one on one time with Neo.
Haha thanks 3ed times a charm eh?
<r><U><s>[u]</s><B><s>[b]</s><SIZE size="150"><s>[size=150]</s>Application to Elite Tactical Squad<e>[/size]</e></SIZE><e>[/b]</e></B><e>[/u]</e></U><br/> <br/> <br/> <B><s>[b]</s>Name:<e>[/b]</e></B> LeBlue<br/> <B><s>[b]</s>Age:<e>[/b]</e></B> 23<br/> <B><s>[b]</s>Country:<e>[/b]</e></B> Canada<br...
Hey everyone I am back :P so just got a new PC and cant wait to swat it up! Just was looking for times when people are on! Regards,

The Canadian... LeBlue
@ITS0 How it works is i buy my own rifle and use it for work but must meet certain criteria and stuff to be able to be used at work and thanks guys!
So I have had alot of people ask me what I do for work because of my avatar and profile picture so I made this video for yall! Enjoy!

Name of player:Nikonn IP Address:N/A Offences:Ramboing not following orders using gas when not told to Date:23/08/15 Evidence: will upload Witnesses: RC_Splinter, RC_Splemer, Sgt_Armi Information:Was told multiple times to follow orders he did not, Proceded to bring a 40mm gas when told to bring FM...
Hey guys just a huge thanks to all the NCOs and everyone for giving me the chance to have a second shot to join your ranks yet again. A big shout out to RJ for helping me get back in the vibe and taking the time to help me IG to touch up on my skills. You guys have no Idea how happy I am to be back ...
Name: LeBlue (IRL name Colin Bucci) Age: 21 Country: Canada Steam Custom ID: firefighter255 In-game name: LeBlue,TheCanadian Reason why you want to join: I was searching across swat 4 and saw this server still online. I joined up with you guys and played a few rounds with Nova, Ghost, Armi and relis...
Hey all Im back Ill be off and on. I got a bonus with work so ill be moving anyway we can have this extended so I can prove my self?
Hey heres that video yall wanted to see :) @C"Armi <3 and @Marks

All points noted and I give thanks to the people that are willing to help me and show me what ive done wrong so I can improve. SWAT is a relief of mine after working you gota understand I get called everything under the sun. So when I play swat its a way out. I will fix my behavior and will act more...


Hey guys with Christmas coming up ive been spending more time with my girlfriend and daughter i haven't left just been busy :P