I'm in for Saturday :D Do we already have a time?

It's been a while since our last COOP session, so what about holding one the upcoming weekend (or alternatively the following one)? Select a time and date below (as for me, I'll be absent both Fridays, 23 Feb and 2 March) and make sure you have Discord installed (Microphone is not necessarily needed...
I'm in for some COOP, if the SA's could get the custom map pack to work again, that would be great
Gefeliciteerd Special! Welcome to the family :obscene-drinkingcheers:
Rest Rock in peace Malcom

Saw these guys yesterday live - fucking blew me away :music-guitarred:
Congratulations Jolty on being the clans No. One now, I'm sure we've got the right man in the right position. As for bringing the server back into the server list, this might be a chance to get some activity into the server again (I did myself find ETS through the list) but at the same time, as Fire...
So I assume you're using a cracked copy, right? If so then explain the installation process and I'll see if you made an error somewhere by any chance. Yes and no, I'm using a retail version but a fixed .exe was mounted into system folder by me so I don't have to insert the CD everytime. Situation n...
Hmm no, I don't hear any sound at all. And running SWAT 4 as admin has always been de rigeur for me :) It could also be something with the system, prior to reinstallation I used a fixed exe with both vanilla and TSS, now using fixed exe results in system error, says it can't hook into the process or...
OK now things are starting to get funny: I tried running vanilla with the settings for Win XP SP3 and it worked. However resolution was 800x600, when I changed it to 1600x1200 (I used that on both vanilla and TSS before, worked completely flawless) settings said it was set to 1600x1200 however it wa...
Heyho, So last week I tried to start up TSS. Everything went fine until the screen turned black. After that it just stayed black for minutes, no main page in sight. Same problem with Vanilla even after restarting the PC. Today I finally found the time to reinstall Vanilla but to no avail - It still ...
Danger, Danger - Don't talk to Strangers
Welcome back on board Ragdoll :D I never had any doubts about your re-app and as I see you didn't dissapoint me 8-)

I'm in for 4th or 11th.
Ragdoll wrote:
Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:16 pm
Because someone in particular convinced me to reapply (yes, I'm looking at you Hellpatrol)
I didn't know I can be that convincing :D
Anyway, nice to see you coming back and good luck with your app (not that you'll need it, I'm sure this will end fast).