We've played a few rounds together already. Even though you had a bit of trouble understanding our ways of playing, I'm sure you'll do fine!
So yeah, good luck.
Name of player: Steve_G IP Address: / Offences: Disrespect over wanting to make sure he understood english enough. Opening doors without order. Date: January 3rd 2016 Evidence: http://puu.sh/mitq5/4d42901c9d.png DKOk2a-EFxg Witnesses: Dezs0, flashpoint1889, Agent47 Information: Steve_G had been mix...

Played this so much on Rock Band 3. ♥
Heya, I believe we have met already. :D
I'm pretty bad at PvP, but hey, sign me up for suspects.
Thanks everyone!
Name: Angélique / Misu / Lazy Age: 20 Country: Baguette Country (France) Steam Custom ID: m In-game name: Misu Reason why you want to join: Because you guys are fun to play with and to learn from. And because I have no one else to play with. And why not, to be honest. Also I make fun videos. Someth...
@Det: Don't refer to me as 'him' wouldya? </3 On Topic: The first time I got to play with him, he'd ignore my orders and just rambo his way through. At some point, when I told him to stack on a door, he just opened it, ran inside, came back to punch me as I was typing, and ran back in. More recently...