Welcome to the family Specialite :D :dance: :clap:

These are best only for driving 80-90s cars
GenuieJellyFish... Is just like his nickname - 8 out of 10 :D

Rate mine, until you're not weeabo :lol:
My turn! :D

One of most popular music stream on YT:

I fell in love with it :romance-heartstiny:
I'm preffering Sunday. Only possible for me.
Hey lilpasta. Good luck with your app. See you on the server :D
Hello Metatphorical. Welcome to ETS :D

Good luck with application and see you on the server :)
It's just nice opening from small 3 episodes serie, but, but... I F****** REGRET WATCHING THIS MINI-SERIE. I WARNING YOU, DO NOT SEARCH FULL SERIES OF THAT ONE!!! :icon-redface: :icon-redface: :icon-redface: :( :( :( :crying-yellow: :crying-yellow: :angry-banghead: TGy-Bi4OmOc 5Vuoh7atMm8 Third open...
Song - nice. Videoclip - Nani the fuck.

Congratulations mate! Welcome onboard (again :D)
Nice to see your application Ragdoll :) See ya in game.
Good to see more events, especially they were not too often, and were very randomly organized so I and other people couldn't organize time better to fit in the sessions. It's good idea to organize event schedule xyzzy :clap:
Hi LeBlue. GL with app! :)
So i'm going to SWAT team. Thanks Task Force :D