nice Mavrick : )

i have it but i didnt play on it more than 4 months ..

i will send you my psn name

regards : )
Hello Mavrick
i dont know if i played with you before or not
but anyways welcome man ;) :)


after 4months that was good .. thanks guys

hope to see you all again ;)
hello ... are we going to play tactical BS ?
Good luck
nice to see you app Meraphirical ..

Good luck ;)
sign me up : P
Hey Special ..

nice to see you app can do this ... good luck mate ;)

finally you did this Hunter : ( thank you for everything man .. and good luck in your real life ! hope to see you again in ETS clan ( hope so ) :pray: and Jolty!!!!! .congratz ! man you are the best and i know you can lead this clan as well + there are good members that can help you so dont worry ;)...
Hello guys Thnak you for responses .. actuaaly it was from my Firewall Advanced settings .. so i add this porogram ( Swat4 ) as Allowed conncetion. both public and home Note : i tuned off my firewall before but as i said it was from advanced settings so its ok right now ..without any feeezing or cra...
Hello guys .. now i have some problems with Swat4x ... when i wana conncet to ETS server i cant do anything there and it crashed ( after loading screen ) and when reconncet its ok but only for 1-5 mins i dont know what should i do .. i changed my windows version from 32bits to 64 bit ( 7 sp1 ) and i...
Hellpatrol wrote:I almost wrote TaskyManager :lol:
:lol: :D

hey HP .. did you update your sound and graphic driver to lastest version ? ( + try to reinstall DirecX 9.0 or 10 and Nvidia Physx ) ..

and if it doesnt work i will send you a link to download it again :D

Congratulation Ragdoll :clap: :clap: Welcome back ;)

TF141 :violin:
i will try to be in :think: :think: ;)
hey Ragdoll . Good luck with your application ;) :)