well I installed and tried this new prokram and it seems working properly, however our server is understandably still one mess but I'm sure our friends will get it work, 5/5 and soon enough I'm gonna delete my TS3 if we decide to move here :---)
xyzzy wrote:
Sun May 07, 2017 4:23 pm
We know, it was posted in the chatbox already :D

But this way more people can actually find out about it so I praise you, BeerSquad, for putting it here.
Oh, I was too excited so I just quickly put the link somewhere in the forums :D

dunno if this is by same company or not, but we're getting a new one!! FINALLY!
If you seriously are comparing a gaming clan and terrorist organization as one and same thing, you're the one who should see a psychotherapist. Originally you were banned for insulting and now you're being absolutely childish by crying about freedom of speech, not to mention ban evading. As Xyzzy s...
Fireline wrote:
Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:14 pm
Alright, I took the request from BearSquad to make a Finnish skin and it's done. For those who want to see BS run around, honoring his country, you'll have to download the following link. http://www.mediafire.com/file/wj6ti3n9j ... oliisi.zip
*insert 9001 internet here*

Yo Fire! Are you able to create me a Finnish skin? I'll give you 9001 internets if yes :)



without those reflectors? :)
Hellpatrol wrote:
I'm sorry to inform you that something has changed in my plans so I might not be available at all/be delayed on Saturday. I'll update you ASAP if something changes but for now I can't be more than reserve :confusion-shrug:

I'll take HPs slot as suspect!
Good luck with your application buddy! I believe it's not hard decision to accept you or not in the ETS, when it's about you :)
ohh I love this mod, great arsenal of different weapons :-)
xyzzy wrote:
It sounds like you've overwritten vanilla game files which corrupted the game for you. I presume you don't have backup?

nope, I just put the files in swat folder, didn't see that it overwrites original game files.. I presume I need to reinstall the game? :evil:
OK, so..

I installed this mod, and days later I decided to go ETS server (from original SWAT4:TSS ofc). However it blocks me and tells that "guibase.ini" is corrupted. What did I do wrong?
Gotta say it, I love the mod! Nothing more to add, recommended!
woopwoop! thanks guys! :angelic-flying: