You have great skills Karpee. So wish you luck which you will probably not need. :D
Hey RaptusS.

I believe you will not have trouble because your skills a decent. ;)
Congrats AcrO. Played with you and saw that you have some skills. ;)
Detective Matt is really active. I see him every day on the server. ;)
Hello Raven.

Haven't played with you before but I really wish to meet you in game.

Wish you luck. ;)
Hey Vinomm.

Wish you luck and hope to play a few rounds with you. ;)
Congratulations DT. :)
Okay have a great time. Also try to not get killed by wild animals or injure yourself. If you run out of water drink urine or find a river with quickly flowing water. :D
Congratulations Firefighter! ;)

Your one step closer to becoming a ETS member.
Nice to see you applying Firefighter. Your a great tactical player so I think it won't be hard for you to become a member.

Stay active and wish you best luck. ;)
Just wish you luck.
I like your idea Captain also I like that you made some rules for both teams, so I'm looking forward to playing BS. :o