I believe we should create another group called "Guests" or something. All new verified players will have to be granted access by any of clan members by being moved to this group. It would work the same way as granting permissions on TS Why? With Discord we are no longer limited by purchased slots....
Hey guys, I have recently came across the idea of moving our clan from TeamSpeak 3 to Discord. After trying that out today, I am only more confident about the moving. What does Discord offer to us? - It is free. We will save us 3€ a month. - Everything that teamspeak has - except subchannels (as far...
It might actually be quite a horrific experience, especially if my $2000 MacBook cannot run this.
For the next time I suggest you to put team of Reserves also. People like SilentHunter and Neo might find it handy as you can switch between teams.
Not good enough, ETS clan is not mentioned there at all.
New forum ranks are up! They will be updated every 30 minutes. Promoting to expelled JamesKevin ANDY Muller Pongsaklek Promoting to novice testing_user ocyvizi a1limorepair Hooks Promoting to gold posters Detective Promoting to silver posters Reyb Raptor Promoting to bronze posters David Muppet Vend...
Does Expelled mean they're banned from the server or banned from the forum? Forum YES! Good idea, where would they be displayed? In the postbit in the same area as clan ranks? Yes, they would be at the samo position as clan ranks. Here is preview: http://i.imgur.com/BtVCOGX.png Nice idea Hunter :D ...
I had an idea that we could possibly create forum ranks for non-clan members in our forum that would describe their overall activity and status. Why? There is really no reason for that to be honest. If somebody calls it completely useless, then be so. Yet, in my opinion, it might be a good looking c...
That is great news! Can you make separate rooms and doors also? How about spawning officiers, suspects and civilians?
www.ets-clan.co.uk | 520: Web server is returning an unknown error body{margin:0;padding:0} Error 520 Ray ID: 3465172667984421 • 2017-03-27 20:27:27 UTC Web server is returning an unknown error… Fixed
1) Rounds avatars - something we will discuss on clan meeting as it is a matter of taste. It shouldnt be problem to change that. 2) EDIT: First bug found! http://screenshot.sh/m9fZ8Y1W9bJL4 This has something to do with chat and our website being down on background. I can fix this. 3) Forum icons - ...
Freak wrote:
Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:47 am
Is Tapatalk available on iOS (especially iPhone)?
Definitely! I am using one. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tapatal ... 80732?mt=8
We`re on tapatalk now. Good luck have fun, it seems to be working.
I should be able to put Tapatalk into this forum. I am not sure how exactly is it going to react with the AdminBot features across the forum, but let`s hope in success.

Here is topic where you can post your suggestions and findings about this new site. Report any glitches here too. I will try to fix all of them asap. If any of higher-ups feels like they can fix it too, then be so.