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Wasn't there last time,don't want to miss this one :D
1)Mass Effect : Andromeda - it's Mass Effect it aint gonna explain why it's good 2)Zelda : Breath of the Wild - this game just reminds me so much of Shadow of the Colossus 3)Injustice 2 - Netherrealm fighting games are the best im just hoping the PC version is a flop Bonus : Monster Hunter Generatio...
Congrats Night! :D
Hey WB Night, not sure if you remember me but anyways good luck with your App !
He is back!
Welcome back and good luck with your application! :D

I spent 10 mins trying to make the videos show up instead of links and i failed so there you go :whistle:
God....he is all yours Saltie :D
Rifleman Recon Team
I'll be the SPECIALIST in the RECON Team.

Better late than never :D
Stop the Skynet jokes, they are watching us .....
Takedown was #2spooky4me
but seriously ,half life 2 at the crab zombies part,those damn zombies keep respwaning
Never happens on Windows 8.1 >:D