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Name of player: Aelendil
IP Address: Unknown to me.
Offences: Team killing and punching.
Date: 13th of November 2016
Evidence: ; The evidence shows little, but take in consideration that I have a crappy PC and you'll have to trust my word on it.
Witnesses: {|4U|}Jost_SLO^CDT (Leader), Bullet28 and myself.
Information: We died on the first entry because our leader told us to go in dry (Not that it matters, but it kinda gives the context). So I voted to restart the map. But while we were voting, Aelendil thought it was okay to teamkill his leader, I mean we were restarting anyways, right? - No good reason for me. The round after that, our leader went afk for a good few minutes. I patiently waited in the hopes he'd come back soon, Aelendil punched him because he was afk. While I had already warned him about breaking the rules. Later in the game he punched Bullet28 as well, who in return punched back... My conclusion, a fair warning or a direct message from an admin is all I ask. I've seen him play properly before, so I'm not here to get him banned or anything.

EDIT: I only just now noticed that he incapacitated a civilian before team killing as well..
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actually he was banned 1 month ago and again we see breaking the rules ..
R.I.P Soap
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there r 2 reports by this name lol

1.2.3 viva L'algerie .
yes i apologize all he said is true i did kill the leader and a civilian just before we restart the map

but i did punch bullet because he punched several time a sus arrested to stop him
I'm glad you're being honest about it. As I said before, I don't want you to be banned from the server, but play according to the rules. If another player breaks them, don't follow him and do the same. For me this is only a warning towards you, I know you're a decent player.
Hope this won't happen again...

If you see the woman with the shotgun, kill him! ~ |ETS|TaskForce141
Personally I'd let you off with a warning this time. If no one else steps in I'll close the thread.

This goes without saying but follow server rules. If one person punches/tazes/teamkills, do not do the same to them.
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Aelendil is known by breaking rules from time to time,and I remember myself removing him from the server couple of times because of that,his offenses weren't that bad for me to report him (punching civilians and cuffed suspects after being told to stop doing it,random shooting etc..)but now killing a civilian and a team mate on purpose is something that should be dealt with...
actually he loves punching Civs and Suspects ... nothing changed !
R.I.P Soap
R.I.P Ghost

I think everyone's being a bit hasty here,

I havent seen him for myself to make a judgement, but if these reports are true then this player should be taken into account, I think he should be on our watchlist for some time to see if he can improve not sure what other admins think, but I think this should be more than adequate

Player is now under warning. Any rulebreak will result in 2 months ban.

Thread *Closed*

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