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Name of player: Aelendil
IP Address:
Offences:Puching civs and suspects
Witnesses: Chlarmi- Astaro-Buchilo
Information: After last warning he again puched civs and suspects 10 times .. Chlarmi gave him 1 chance but he did it agian

Chlarmi and Astaro can confirm my sentences ..
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Agree i have many round with aelendil and he still hurting civ and sus are arrested..
I confirm what has been stated here,Astaro warned him couple of times to stop punching complied suspects,Aelendil says ''ok sorry '' but he he kept punching them over and over,I warned him for the last time,he didn't care about the warning obviously and punched a suspect again.
Yes, I confirm that Aelendil keeps punching cuffed suspects and civilians. It's like he just doesn't care at all despite the warnings
Just to clarify things,this guy was reported few days ago,and this was the result of the report:

Hunter wrote:
Player is now under warning. Any rulebreak will result in 2 months ban.
Banned for 2 months.

Thread closed.
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