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Name of player: Mosquito
IP Address:
Offences: Insult and an unwillingness to follow the rules of the CO-OP
Date: 05.03.2017
Evidence: Screenshots:
Witnesses: TachyonForce, Saga, Fawkes
Information: Logging on to the server, I saw the same situation that I saw before with the Mosquito. On the server there were 5 people. The Mosquito did not want to play on the same team and told everyone that you play solo. In response to my explanations and warnings, he started to insult me. All this can be seen in the screenshots.
I think the Mosquito should be banned because he repeatedly went against the rules and players.
Sorry, I forgot to make screenshots from the next round. In the next round he again unflattering comments about me.
P.S. "podonki" is considered an insult, only in Russian, if that.

Muller ϟϟ
I am interested to see if Mosquito puts some reaction here. I want to give him chance to express himself, so there is a chance we wont see another ban appeal from him soon.

Code high, commit sober.
It is russian guy, so called Muller. I ve played with team, then i wanted to play solo few mission cause of.. well, no matter, he came with threatening me he will rat on me on the ets site cause i wanted to go solo few mission, i ve written him that he is good rat, and that i also do not like most of russians, and wished him good luck with ratting on me and banning me. I played 2 missions on my own team, not leading not being leaded, at the end of those 2 missions i was only 1 or healthy or/and alive, and they made all unauthorised kills, while me only authorised. Then i ve switched back to 1 team, played a while, got then uninteresting to play and left.

I was on my own team for tactical advance to cover more territory, ve made only authorised kills/incaps, did not endangered other team, have wedged doors, so no runners could come to them from me.

Ban, no ban, do what u want.
Good luck to good people.
I do not like many nationalities or race, and some I actually hate. However, I do not offend anyone, unlike you. For such antics, you should be punished.
It is not about who played better, or are you a separate team. Also when I play one, I play better than the team.
On the server play as a team, and you come to us and play solo. Where is the logic?
It seems to me that you just want to show myself what a cool player. It's stupid, if so.

You came on this server and put themselves above other players, showing your level of play. Currently more people already dislike you. Do the conclusions.
If he agrees to play a team game and not to come radical measures in some situation (new player or a small conflict), then let him play.
If he doesn't want to play the team game and behave properly, then let them leave this server.
GenuineJellyfish wrote:
I can only expect to see another "Mosquito - Report" or "Mosquito unban request #2" in future

Lol? :clap:
Unknown wrote:

On the server play as a team, and you come to us and play solo. Where is the logic?
It seems to me that you just want to show myself what a cool player. It's stupid, if so.

When some1 do things in sociality it is combination of showing your skills to other, to get help from other, to take advantage of many people going on same goal as u go, to get better score on what u are doing, so on. And while u are in society, u want to be better then others in what u do and u want other to know and see that, no sense to run in olympic score or so on, if no 1 see that or know that. It is natural.

I just wanted for diverse and 4 advanced tactical proceeding go on my team few missions while u on your team, not being leader or leaded same time in my teram, that all. Only few players were on the server, so no big deal. I did no unauthorised, no endanger, and was 1 man standing after all. After 2 missions i came back to your 1 team.
I am usually team player, and good 1, but that time i wanted to go on my team for 2 rounds, then i came back to common 1.
Alright Mosquito. First of all, let me say I appreciate it that you didn't respond to this the way you did previously (to be honest, those responses were kinda rude at times). I also understand your point that you wanted to try and take the map on by yourself, without support from other team members. However, since we take a tactical approach on our gameplay, it is expected that players work together as a team. I am not sure if we have a specific rule on whether "doing your own show" is prohibited or not, but it is usually considered ramboing if someone walks around alone without consent from other players. So if you want to try a map in Lone-Wolf mode and there are other players around, my suggestion is to ask them if they are fine with it. So far on the ramboing accusation.

About the insults allegedy made by you/threats allegedly made by Muller, whether one or both of these things have actually happened in the server is something I can't investigate here (higher ups might want to check the logs?), however if it's true what the report says and you did insult a player, you should excuse for it right away. Insulting or threatening other players is a no-no and will likely result in a ban. If you however didn't use any insults, forget what i just said 8-)

Something else, I sniffed a bit around in the database. Found out that Mosquito's first connection to the server was at 16:25 GMT +1 today. Muller first connected at 00:07 and later 15:52 today. The player calling himself Unknown hasn't been online for at least 2 days. So if this happened today, as stated in the report, and Muller was the one Mosquito came across, something is really weird here.
Oh, and if Muller is behind this report (I might be mistaken here though), hasn't there been something in the past?


EDIT: I checked for the connections of the stated witnesses. Turned out Saga, Fawkes and TachyonForce haven't been online today. So either somebody has placed a wrong date in the report, or - well go and figure.
Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter
How am I not surprised
There can not be such. We played at night, consequently it was already 05.03.2017.
"Unknown" is just my nickname on the website of the clan. And I play under the name "Muller".
Hellpatrol wrote:
If you however didn't use any insults, forget what i just said

Well, i called him "good rat" cause he was about to rat on me, what he actually ve done, and ratting on some1 in english language mean .. ratting on some1, i didn't remember other more civil synonym to that word then and dont remember it now also, should see it civil translation in google translate.., not native Eng speaker.. Also, cause of that ratty action from him I remembered that native to his nation rotten mentality and ve written that most of russians are jerks, cause on my opinion from their behaviour and actions so on it what many of them are. I didn't write that he exactly is the jerk, but i ve written it about most of russians, whether he is in that part of them or no, will show to me time, but that his ratten (rotten) way on ratting on me.. revealed something.. Cause, 4 example, in ... time there was another player, who went rogue, ramboing, and did teamkill (not on purpose) when i was lead, and me, 4 example, I didn't rat on him, even if we are not friends with him on MYT and i had all reasons to write ban appeal on him here, which i didn't do and will not be doing. But Muller had his time.. and ve ratten on me cause of my little trip to red team for 2 rounds in which i successfully ended missions without unauthorised actions and without endangering other team. So that tell me something about his mentality..

He could not threaten me, he could at 1st ask me nicely, like "dear Mosquito, plz, we need you, u are 1 of the best player, come to us, we will respect and will love u here" :) after those words i would 4 sure stick to their team :) But he began to threaten me about ratting on me so on, which exactly strangen my desire to stick to my own team.
It hasn't been a day...
So. I joined the server and saw that you want to play solo. I remember a case when you tried to play one, but you're not allowed to do that. By this, I warned you about the fact that I can write a complaint that you adhere to the tactics of "rambo", as you want to play one.
I live in Russia, BUT! I do not like Russian, it is "vatnikov", pseudo-patriots.
Do you think that if I live in Russia, I respect Putin and his policies, and I agree with what is happening now? You are fundamentally mistaken.
You don't even know my ideological and philosophical views, but to "judge" me just for the fact that I live in Russia.
Mosquito, going "solo" (i.e., Rambo) is against the rules on this server. You admitted you wanted to go Rambo for several maps. Then you insult Muller because he's Russian and you're a Ukrainian xenophobe who hates everybody else's guts. You are nothing but disruptive to the server. If I had a vote I would permban you because you never learn.
Unknown wrote:

I do not like Russian, it is "vatnikov", pseudo-patriots.

About that I agree with you.
But not all of them are bad.. also propaganda can turn human to .. nonhuman, and in Russia propaganda is of HEAVIEST OF HEAVIEST OF LARGEST HUGELARGEST scale.

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