BAN or Statute of limitations?

When I first played Swat 4 with ETS, it was in it's younger years, Hunter and I had an argument/ or disagreement about Clan rules/ or Tactics, this was of course how to move in-game as in "Tactics". created by Ray/Rey.
He didn't like some of my Rank/Tactic ideas, so raged on to be an issue.. Fighting, arguments later, in fact, probably 5-6 years later, I still get banned from the server when I enter with a firmiliar name or enter TS3 "Teamspeak 3". One of my ideas was having all people join TS3 for tactical play.. "Along with SAS" Clan who also began doing it.

Am I still to be banned when I enter this many years later when I enter with my Swat/Clan names Andy, ThunderSonic or Wolf?. Or can I please just join your server "if all others are crap" often is the case, or do I still need to play Swat 4 undercover and say nothing to anyone ever.

I know Swat 4 isn't the most populated game these days, but somehow this 6 to 7 year old ban still affects my joining ETS server?.

P.S. I play with some of you via other games, and no one cares out side of this topic about this situation..
As I recall the issues with you were far beyond single rule braking. Anyway you must fill the template then the appeal will be processed.
You have to fill ban appeal template when creating a new topic in Appeals. Then your Ban appeal will be processed by Server or Clan Admins.

Ban appeal template looks like that:
Why we should remove your ban?:

TBH as I remember, you are permanently banned without any possibility to unban you because you have broken many MANY server rules and did MUCH unethical stuff. I don't think your appeal will bring something new to your situation. Of course, you have right to make an appeal.

Trust me - you don't want me as a leader...
Hi ThunderSonic,

Unfortunately I do not know enough details into what happend, as of current time no players have played on ETS server for long time and may be no use to look at your record, but I'm working with Special, to obtain a free server of which Special is trying to host for free and so forth.

Until then I may look at your previous history and attempt to give a balanced finding. In the mean time you are still banned, but follow my fellow member to create a template of appeal, and post and I'll see what I can do for you.

Take Care


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