Unban appeal

Name: Michalsky
IP: 178.235.*.*
Offences: Teamkilling
Why we should remove your ban:

It's been 7 months since I last time played on your server... (banned since 2016-08-12)

I'm tactical player. I'm not troll/rambo etc, I listen orders, I do my best, which is proven by a lot of completed missions on your servers with great cooperation.
By pernament ban you put equality sign between me and all that trolls, rambos and random teamkillers etc...

I learn my lessons. This is my 3rd ban on your server but I've never been banned for same kind of thing.

  • First ban was for stupid randomshooting teamkill, which happened after more than a half of the year I started playing on your server (I started playing here December 2014, first ban - July 2015). I was unbanned immediatly, and that kind of behaviour never happened again.

  • Second ban happened for insults in polish language (which was caused by my tiredness and stupid mood), I was banned December 2015 for 4 months for that (at first permanent but made appeals). After I returned, that kind of behaviour never happened again.

  • Third ban occured July 2016 (after more than 3 months of playing without any misbehaviours) I was never banned before for situation like that, the first ban for teamkilling was completly different kind of thing. More details on this topic, shortly - I decided to teamkill one of the player that didn't follow my orders when I was leader, I done that because I could not communicate with him (he didn't explained why he not following my orders) and there were like 2-3 A.M. so no admins online, I didn't see any other posibility to prevent mission failure
I know that this is my mistake and it shouldn't happen, but I remember situation a few days before when some player joined server and started randomly killing everyone (officers, suspects, civilians) and one of the ETS Member or Recruit just teamkilled him, maybe my mind was suggested by that situation...

Anyway, I now understand that, in any kind of situation and any time - TEAMKILLING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED on your server and you have my promise that I will obey that rule. As I stated before, I learn my lessons and I never make same mistakes twice. I know that you may have probably different opinion because you can treat every ban equally (e.g. Banned second time? He didn't learn anything!). I understand that and I do not demand or expect anything, this is your server and you decide who are not allowed to be here. I can only have hope you will read carefully my statements and think about it.

Also, please anyone who finished many great cooperation missions with me (and of course who want to see me on ETS server again;]) - to confirm that I am tactical, responsible player, so my words will be proven.

Best regards,
Hey Michalsky,

We meet together at our website.
You have some history in our banlist, as you've described in details in your appeal. Certainly it is your 3rd ban, that's the most important and the worst part. You've been given not the second but third chance already and you still decided to break our rules and not rely on our admins but rather to handle things yourself in the worst way possible.

I believe it was already stated somewhere but there aren't any "types" of teamkills apart from accidental and intentional ones. It's clear that your teamkill was, unfortunately, the latter one.

It does seem that you did reflect on your behaviour a bit. The problem is that you were given third chance to follow the rules already. This, unfortunately, harms your credibility.

I believe some higher positioned member will handle your appeal soon.
Before any decision is made i would like the other server admins that has been involved with michalskys previous bans to speak up on their opinions. I'm willing to give you another chance since you have been banned for some time now. I do also find your credibility at the bottom right now.
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Well,I have played with Michalsky a lot in the past,he is indeed a good and professional player and I have had tens of good games with him,I was surprised when I knew about what he has done...
But anyway,I'm sure he learned his lesson now after being banned for while,I think he deserves another chance
Well Looking over this....

I've come to a conclusion that I think a 4th and LAST life line is at hand here, It is true what Chlarmi says that Michalsky is good he is decent. These Teamkillings though I dont know tbh 3rd time banned seems like all the times you have teamkilled are summing up to be intentional. However my view is Neutral. But maybe this 4th FINAL and I mean possibly final lifeline might be your last if the appeal is accepted.

Thats it from me

Your ban has been removed michalsky, you are under strict observation (monitored status) due to your history. another 6 months will be added for any minor rule breaks in the next 4 weeks.
If i were a dog and you were a flower, i'd lift up my leg and give you a shower
Thank you, I greatly appreciate that and I will not let you down

Best regards:)
Nice Maj.Jolty for give him a chance again .. ;) :clap:

and Michalsky try to enjoy our server and playing without any breaking rules.. ;) Good luck

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No reports have been made. Your appeal is Accepted. Stay out of trouble, punishment might be more severe now due to your history. Don't let us down and see you in-game.


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