xyzzy wrote:
I have a suggestion concerning the calladmin function.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that private message notifications do not pop up unless the site is refreshed, right?
I think it would be great should AdminBot post a notice in shoutbox/mini-chat that an admin intervention is required alongside the private message being sent.
This way, it would certainly make the report more visible and easier to access, not to mention the actual help would come quicker.

I am aware of this issue and it is planned to be improved. Our ETS website will get some major adjustments soon. Part of them is this feature upgraded.

silenthunter183 wrote:
I also have a little suggestions for next ACM in-game.
First one is to add "forceleader" function in Admin Menu.
Second one is to always show ID number of users, to faster use commands

ACM in-game layout is not something I can change via ETS Admin Mod. ACM v1 already has forceleader button, you can use that. Checkout our download server.

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