SWAT: Elite Force (mod)

xyzzy wrote:
It sounds like you've overwritten vanilla game files which corrupted the game for you. I presume you don't have backup?

nope, I just put the files in swat folder, didn't see that it overwrites original game files.. I presume I need to reinstall the game? :evil:
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I recommend you copy the GuiBase.ini from main game to the mod's system directory. Otherwise the mod uses the default ini and it can get corrupted obviously. I link the default file... copy it into TSS directory, maybe its enough to avoid version mismatch.
https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9GvV ... jhzekJOMjA

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There is currently one server online hosting this mod: Custom Maps Zone is running SEF 4.1. Check the server IP from here.

Download SEF 4.1 here, only one file required: http://induktio.net/download/SEF_v4.1.7z

Before unzipping anything, make sure to check the instructions, to not overwrite any important files.
Looks like a lot of work but it sounds very good. I will check it in meantime :)
Tested it with Bandit today and it seems buggy...

First major glicht is you have to remove both gui_tex.eng_utx and GUI_tex2.eng_utx from the vanilla server files or your clients wont be able to join (version mismatch error).

Seconds is optiwand. You can mirror it under the door just for 1 second and let go and then go running around and still see inside that room. Works kinda like a wallhack.

Also on one map (Whitespace) half of killed suspects had no dead animation (they died but remain standing and moving) but that didn't happen again, so this was maybe one-time bug.

Oh, and the dedicated server took the whole 100% of CPU with apetite for more causing some major lags (while vanilla uses 15-20% of CPU on the same server).
I'm gonna download v5 after my Exams clear

Oh and the mod works perfectly and the AI Officer, they're a real quick shooter , it's not much annoy me tough but, every single map almost all Suspect is Restrained with 3/4 suspect Incapacitated or Dead which is prevent me got 100 Score (Except Fairfax and Food Wall)
Well it's looks like my Tactic is Dull than last year

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Holy sh** this mod amazes me, especially as it is still being updated. V5.1 now :D

The way how you would be able to go indepth with EQ is amazing. (for MP too.... if it works...)
And the AI (officers) are finally as good as their multiplayer comparison :D

The only things which I would change... add Barricaded suspects (it's in there but you got to bug out the MP to get it started if it's a non dedicated); add Custom skins to SP aswell; add the non headgear class.

But again, it is an amazing mod.
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I like this mod too. I played some rounds with Neo and other guys, and I think this mod is great!
Obviously there are some things that should be fixed (for example Riot shield) but overall it brings many new and nice things :)
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Awesome mod, problem is it's unstable on multiplayer when you shoot through wooden surfaces and stuff. But I like the new sounds, the shotgun actually works and all the extra new weapons and ammo. Once bug fixed it could be an awesome upgrade to regular TSS.
Played one of 6x versions and got killed by my fellow AI officer's nade thrown under my feet. I guess they fixed it bu as the mod grows there are more bugs.

I don't like the new crap things they added to the vanilla game. They ruined it.

They should have just fixed vanilla bugs and focus on sp camapaign / custom maps.

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