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Did some small edits and I'm most likely gonna leave it at this state. At least I kinda enjoyed my "first" shot at it...

For those who wonder what the result is:

I've made some new skins as well, fixed issues and kinda experimented with other textures and ideas.. All of the skins are made by me, nothing has been copied from other skins apart from the face textures. If you're interested in new skins, (I'm not saying I'm the best at it) then you should really try these out!

Download link: ... stom_Skins

IF the link is not working / down, please let me know and I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.
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That is it for me, going to leave it at its current state.. I tweaked the skin a little more but nothing too impressive.
If you're interested in downloading the skin: I'm pretty sure the link should work, if that's not the case then please let me know ... I_Fireline
If you see the woman with the shotgun, kill him! ~ |ETS|TaskForce141
For those who are wondering, I frequently upload more skins. Give me feedback if you try my skins out, I'm still learning and looking to improve.
Any ideas you've got? Feel free to share them and I'll give my go at it. :)

Greets, Fireline
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All right.. I've officially released my first skins now, zipped it so it's an easy download instead of having to download every single file. Overall I'm quite happy with the outcome, few skins are obviously worse or better than the other. You're free to enjoy them as much as I do myself.

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Hey Fireline, I have seen your Skin and it looks nice to me
I will download it and use it in game soon! :dance: :dance:
Friendly user :dance: :dance: :dance: not an otaku or weaboo (lol)
I'm tired of mistaking you as a suspect every time you are in red team,so I'm forced to download your skin now :D
I'll check it out ;)
It has become my mission to be team killed by every ETS member now. Lol
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Here I am yet again.. I've improved the textures on already existing skins and made a few new ones that weren't available for you guys yet. A disgusting amount of time went into these and I'm 100% certain that these skins are final. Will I make more skins? Probably.. Haha, we'll see..

The following link is for the PREVIEW , scroll down so you can see all of them.

The following link is the DOWNLOAD link, I assume everyone of you knows where to put these files.
But I'll quickly go over it: Go to your ContentExpansion folder:
> Place all the .skn files into the CustomSkins folder.
> Place all the .utx files into the Textures folder

LINK: ...
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very nice fireline

good job
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Hey, Fireline! Great job!

I have a question, can you make some Polish Police forces skin? I mean CBŚ (Centralne Biuro Śledcze, something like FBI) skin or ABW (Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego, something like better police forces :P) skin or BOA (Biuro Operacji Antyterrorystycznych, this is Antiterrorist brigade) skin: BOA: ABW: CBŚ:
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I will have a look into it :) Can't promise when they'll be finished, but I'll certainly give it a shot!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I cannot edit the helmet texture in the game. For some reason they allowed us to texture everything but the helmet and goggles (or gas mask).
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i am using one , but only me i see it from team-mates cam , they said that i use normal skin

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Revolution I'll explain this for a sec. The skins are texture files which are in your textures folder, but people who don't have those textures won't be able to see the skin because they simply don't have the files. I think it's like the following (not 100% sure), when on blue team, they'll see your skin as default and on red team you'll look like a suspect to others. Unless the other people have the skin file and texture file, then they'll be able to see the skin.

That's also the main reason why I'm uploading my skins here, so people can download them to be able to see them.
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All right.. I gave it my shot, I can't say if anything is final yet. I guess I'll wait on some feedback :)
Make sure to check the skin(s) out in game, this is only a limited preview.

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We... NEED. A Trump skin.

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