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Hello guys,
I'm here with a new version of tool that makes you able to join any SWAT4:TSS server fast and in undercover mode. Joining server without noticing from anyone is now much easier and faster, and with a new version of tool also safer! Hide your Xfire, remove your binds, change your name, login as admin, start a game in a windowed mode and join directly to any server in a while! Great tool for all fans of undercover administrating. I'm sure you will like using this tool while checking recruit, new member even known rambo player. New version is also available for public use!

Make sure to read whole post and study requirements before using this application.

|ETS|Undercover Admin Join 2.4


• Use own undercover name (temporary)
• Remove binds (temporary)
• Join fast through Direct IP (support locked servers)
• Fast join as an admin
• Save one IP of server as default
• Hide game in Xfire Client (temporary)
• Backup/Restore files which is program using (avoid a game damage)
• Save up to 5 servers into your bookmark list
• Get noticed about new version by Undercover Admin Join itself
• Contact programmer while issues with the tool are discovered
• Contact |ETS|Support Team
• Run game in windowed mode

Note: Phrase Temporary means that settings are applied only for one run of the game.

• SWAT 4 - The Stetchkov Syndicate installed
• Windows XP (64bit and 32bit), Windows Vista(64bit and 32bit) , Windows 7 (64bit and 32bit)
• Administrator rights of your Windows Account (UAC should be also disallowed)
• "Run as Administrator" attribute allowed for Undercover Admin Join 2.4.exe

Changes list:
• Windowed mode feature added
• Email and donate system improved
• Configuration filename for UAJ has been changed
• Auto-update system bugs fixed
• Configuration settings bugs fixed
• Some of grammar errors fixed
• Other bugs fixes
* Note: Bug fixes are important and that's why are lower versions disallowed and will require update automatically.

Changes list for older versions

If you will find some bugs let me know by PM or use Contact programmer in program menu. Also grammar error reports are welcomed in PM! I hope guys you will like it and also you will start using it. Let's not give rambos and bad players chance to play on our servers!

Thank you guys!

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I tested it ( again ) , it has some awesome feutures than the previous version and i like it , good job bro . Cheers :text-woo:
Nothing to say. But great, works like a charm mate. Using it to spy on members haha. Naughty people you are.
Now my all seeing EYE is seeing ALL! Ha. :dance:
Great! I'm working on new version that will come with new features such as auto-update and bookmarks (since we have 3 servers, grateful to have one). If you guys have any ideas what else could I add there, go ahead a write me! ;)


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Another vesrion ? wooohooo i'm waiting for it :D

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Thanks man love this
Some news for lovers UAJ.

1) I've screw up Microsoft Visual Studio (aka tool for programming) and now I can not compile any project until I will fix it up. Now I'm downloading new version of Microsoft Visual studio and I will try to reinstall it. The reason why I screw it up is because I accidently uninstalled .NET Framework and neither version works now.

2) The new incoming version of UAJ is done for 90%. You won't find out so much new features in this one. Actaully this version will fix plenty bugs and grammar errors, you can hide/unhide bookmarks (button "Active" will not delete them more), you will be able to join |ETS|Support Team directly, you will be able to contact programmer in case of issues with UAJ. This version also contains source code for next new version of UAJ, but you won't notice it at all.

3) I'm in touch with MarkieBoy from MarkMods.com and he said he will provide me Server List of SWAT 4:TSS games. It means this feature will come up as well. How much time it will get, now depends on MarkieBoy.

4) This incoming version or version after will contain new feature -> Start SWAT 4 in windowed mode. It's great thing indeed. While you are loading game, you are not stuck, and you can do other things than watching for-us-pretty-known-game-screens.

5) To future I'm planning to create registration system and you'll be able to store your settings online. It means you can use your account on two PC's, without needed to configure each of them. This feature will also provide "VIP system", where I'll be able to manage rights of people who donated to our server. Then in game you can tap Alt + Enter to switch between full-size and windowed mode.

6) Good to know.. right after new version is released, you can just launch your current version of UAJ and you will be automatically notified about possible updates. New version will be here posted anyways.

Thank you guys

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Sounds awesome. But I have one question. Should you really be putting so much time and effort into this Admin Tool now since we wont really have any new players to the server? I mean, no one new means no noobs will join, we wont have many new recruits if any at all. So none of us will need the use of "UnderCover" any longer. Since it's really only ETS members who play in the server now and other Clan members who are mostly pro players as well. What's the use in this Mod if there's no use for it being used any longer?. You should think about making this Admin tool for our new BF2 server. If that's possible of course.

Anyway, if this isn't an issue then I great work. Seems to be getting only better and better. I love the VIP special feature.
ANDY wrote:
Should you really be putting so much time and effort into this Admin Tool now since we wont really have any new players to the server?

Well Andy, I thought about it myself, that's why I'm going to publish it sometime. I've decided to come up with few new features and then I will see. At least, I want to done what I have planned already. It's not all just about.. is it gonna be used, will we really need it? There is one good point that holding me up while programming this tool -> getting experience. I think not all kids in 15 years can program just like me. While programming this UAJ, I've learned many things that I'm proud of. ;)

ANDY wrote:
You should think about making this Admin tool for our new BF2 server. If that's possible of course.

Yes Andy, I'm thinking about it but I need to 'grow up with this game' a bit. I'd be able to run game and join server directly of course, but I'm not sure about further features that I'd be able to provide... also.. many mods in BF2 won't help me much.

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Mate you're only 15 years old and already are 100 times smarter than me. Be proud of that right there. Not many people can do what you do.. keep it up. :clap:

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On topic:

I haven't used it. :P I'll use it when I can. I could help you try to get the status of the server with the amount of people and possibly join the ETS private slots with the password.
YDH wrote:
I could help you try to get the status of the server with the amount of people and possibly join the ETS private slots with the password.

Reserved slot thing is done already (admin password), and about server status... I think the magic is in connecting server's TCP where could I gather data, just like Xfire does. :-) But sure, talk to you later.

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I've been using this program to sneak up on Muppet all this week. Another great program Hunter!

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