Custom Maps Database

Custom Maps Database

All work is done. Use /mapinfo command in-game to obtain info about the actual map.

Here's a little project I'll be working on from now.
First of all, I'd like to thank |ETS|Sgt_Marks for giving me a general idea.

It all started with a certain custom map we've been playing and which was, well, awful, though I cannot remember which one was it.
Having witnessed all the bugs and strange events which took place, Marks said: "If I'd ever be in charge of some Custom Maps Database, this map would receive the lowest rating possible".
Your wish may actually come true :D

What is it going to be? Since custom maps have no actual briefing you have no chance to estimate what should you expect in game.
There are many people who don't know the majority of custom maps or have never played them.
Not to mention some maps have bugs, strange, not working properly or poorly implemented in game mechanics. There are also so infamous questions: "Is there a red spawn?", "Does suspects wear armor/gas mask?"
Soon, you won't need to worry about such things and all necessary informations will be presented to you, so all you would ever have to do is to check what insterests you and enjoy your round.

It's still far from done and I'm filling basic info first. Everything marked with red will be added later as it's not of high priority.
In case it's not obvious by now, this database "has spoilers" about the suspects density, their equipment and any in-game events which might surprise you.
You have been warned. Should you want to know if there's red spawn or not only, you need to wait for the separate version.

Maps in database: All done
Maps tested: All done
Check main website menu for CMD access or see Hunter's post.
Many thanks to Hunter for his hard work on this!

Additional info
  • Map name - self-explanatory.
  • Red spawn - informs whether there is spawn for red team or not.
    "+" = independent spawn for red team is introduced here.
    "+-" = blue team and red team spawn in the same place.
    "-" = red team doesn't spawn at all.
  • Map size - informs roughly how big is the map.
    "Small" = is an equivalent of Fairfax Residence map of smaller.
    "Medium" = is an equivalent of Victory Imports Autocenter, Northside Vending and similar.
    "Large" = is an equivalent of Mt. Threshold Research Center or slightly larger.
    "Very large" = refers to map which are unusually big.
  • Unusual mechanics - informs whether the map introduces any in-game mechanics which were not present in the vanilla maps.
  • Armors - informs whether suspects wear armor or not.
    "+" = almost all suspects wear armor.
    "+-" = refers to 50/50 situation.
    "-" = almost all suspects don't wear armor.
  • Gas masks - informs whether suspects wear gas masks or not.
    "+" = all or some do.
    "-" = there are no gas masks in this particular map.
  • Number of suspects - informs how many suspects will be encountered during gameplay. Because suspects spawn on custom maps are not random, you will NOT be given information about the specific number, so it won't spoil all the fun.
  • Bugs/Performance - informs about the technical aspects of the map. Any informations about laggy gameplay, bugs you should be aware of can be found here.
  • Rating - my personal rating which informs how enyojable was the map in my opinion. There are some comments introduced, place your cursor on the score and read it.
  • Difficulty - will give you rough info how hard is the map to complete.
  • ETS rating - will introduce rating from ETS members.
  • Players rating - will introduce rating from non-ETS players.

Why is there individual rating for ETS and non-ETS? First of all, I have no intent of separating ETS from regular players. It's all because of differences in our tactics, gameplay style, pace of action and specific taste. If we find some map enjoyable because of it's not-yet-seen situations which require unusual tactic to be used, this doesn't mean you might like it too and vice versa.

If you approve of this project and want to give a helping hand, I'll be more than glad, as I want this database to present as accurate info as possible.
You can help in some ways, choose any you might like.

1) Should you have any information which contradicts with the one presented in the database, please inform me about it. You can do so by sending "Misinformation Notice" via CMD option. Your info will be checked and the most accurate one will be added to the database.
2) You can check info presented in the database by playing the specific map in the server. Should you find anything contradictory, send "Misinformation Notice".
3) If you are unable to find specific map in the database, that means it hasn't been added yet. You can do so, by sending a "New Report" via CMD menu.
This sounds really interesting guys! I like this idea pretty much. To be honest, I have done something similar for myself with Columbo and some ETS member when I was creating ETS Map Pack with fixed versions of map. We went through all of them and checked for missing objectives and spawns (though we didn't separate spawn +/-/+- like you guys plan to do). It took us over 7 hours. lol

I am enclosing my notes that I created for myself back then just in case you would guys find it any useful. Just a bit of explanation, maps noted with:
server crash & not finished map & can't load on the server- are not available for download in the ETS map pack (at maps)
no RED spawn - are presenting in the ETS map pack but have no red spawn available
no RED spawn & no objectives - fixed version of the map is available for download in the ETS map pack. Objectives are fixed, RED spawn is fixed and is located as well at BLUE spawn (which equals to +- in your specifications)
no objectives - fixed version of the map is available for download in the ETS map pack. Objectives are fixed, no information about position of RED spawn - but it is working fine
TSS version working available - Non TSS version of the map is removed from ETS map pack, fixed TSS version with both objectives and spawns is available for download (no info about RED/BLUE spawn difference anyway)
Maps that are not presenting in the list have either not been checked or are in good condition. The second option is more probable, believe me, 7+ hours made me check them almost all.

My notes

I am willing to help you as much as I can. I think I have played more than enough of Custom Maps. Also, my programming skills are also open for you guys. I might think of something that will make your life easier when it comes to creating and editing database, or searching in it afterwards. I could also come up with some "form" where would user fill his findings about specified map - without actually spamming anyone. Then, this finding would be pre-saved on some page, where could administrators manage it and add it to database using a button. At least, this is idea I got just now and from scratch, if you have something in mind, holidays aren't going to be boring for me, hehe.

Good luck with this

Code high, commit sober.
Wow Xyzzy,'re really pulling it off. Well, I'd be glad to help wherever/whenever I can. Just let me know!
Haha, lots of work. Not trying to give you more work on anything tho...
Yup, totally doing it, dont mind the textures and lighting, just for show. Currently carving out the wallz. :dance:
This is map i will try to mimmic.
Any experienced Swat4 map makers here? Contact me please. Solved
I am done with the very first version of the database. It is still beta version and might have some bugs. If you find any, please, notice me by PM.
Version 1.0 is now available

Custom Maps Database features:
  • Based on MySQL - it contains pretty much everything Xyzzy posted up there ^^
  • Easy administration provided by the admin bar for all managers
  • Anti-duplicates system
  • Results sorting
  • Good looking design (I hope, hehe)
  • Adding map reports using a form. (Menu -> Submit -> New report)
    • Anyone can contribute to the database, every user report will have to be approved by managers though
    • If manager submits the same form, report will be added straight to the database
  • Rating system
  • Misinformation notice (Menu -> Submit -> Misinformation notice)
  • One-click download (double clicking on the table row will download specified map)
  • Website header - by Marks

To be done:
  • Extended search (Menu -> Search)
  • Managing administrators of the database by database managers (Menu -> Administration -> Manage administrators)

You can now access the database from website menu or at

Code high, commit sober.
Testing sessions are planned for 3rd and 5th of July at 18:00 GMT + 1 on GEM server! :D
Anyone interested, as long as he's able to handle TS, is free to participate, just let me know beforehand.

To access GEM server, download GE mod, make backup of your SWAT 4 game, and install GE mod on your backup version.
Awesome work guys. I am very busy lately but this is about to change in the near future so I will be able to help with this :)

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