Rank changes July 2016

Hey guys,
senior members have again decided on new rang changes, so I am bringing you the results. :-)

Traditionally, we start with the bad news.

Marks is being demoted to Cpl. He has been inactive for a very long time now and his admin power therefore comes with no use.

We are also making our server staff stronger, as we will have 2 new administrators.
Silent Hunter and HellPatroll are both being promoted to Sgt. They both have proven that are active and capable of handling newbies in the server. I am pretty sure that they will keep good and friendly atmosphere even easier now with their new rights.

Congratulations to everyone promoted!

Code high, commit sober.
Congrats silenthunter and hellpatrol, well deserved both of you. It is great to have some extra hands now at summer holidays with so many rambos around :D. GO GET THEM
If i were a dog and you were a flower, i'd lift up my leg and give you a shower
Congratulations HellPatrol and SilentHunter! Knew you would make it fast ;)
Hope Marks will be back at some point.
CONGRATS HP AND LOUDHUNTER! I knew you would be promoted soon. ;) Completely deserved.
I hate my own nickname...
Thanks lads! :D I hope to see Marks again too
Jolty^ wrote:
It is great to have some extra hands now at summer holidays with so many rambos around :D. GO GET THEM
Will be done :twisted: ;) 8-) :lol:
Also thank you guys :)
Nice to see that. Rambos (and Recruits) will be having VERY hard time now :D
No... we'll have a hard time this summer :o :shock: :( :cry:
Should we apply after loudhunter is not a admin? :think: (just kidding :liar: :doh: :dance: :whistle: :lol: )
Congratulations loudhunter and HP :D :D :lol: :lol: ;)
The chosen one who will be dead in every single round --- |ETS|Neo :lol: :lol: :lol:
Wheeey! :lol: :clap: :lol: Congrats lads, well deserved promotion. :handgestures-salute:
Congrats, well deserved promotions.Marks you bloodyd dekstopraider(anyone see the irony here?) I miss ya, come back soon!
Gas21 wrote:
Marks you bloody dekstopraider(anyone see the irony here?)

Psst! :shhh: That's an insider joke, Gas 8-)
Congrats guys! You deserve it. :D
Congratulations guys,well deserved ;)
And I hope Marks will come back soon

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