Hey everyone!

Some of you have probably already noticed we (I) have added 4 new lines to our server broadcast. These lines are announcing the top 3 players of the previous month!

The best 3 players with the highest score during the month will hold their place in the server broadcast for the next month. These statistics are updated monthly, so you always have a chance to get into Top 3!

Every ETS member is allowed to see all available statistics (and they are many) for a couple of months now. I though it wouldn't be fair for public players if they want to know how they do on our server. That's why I have decided to share with you the top 3 players of the month - as a start. I plan to publish more and more in future!

How do we get the statistics? - The answer is easy. I have programmed an application in C++ which analyzes the ChatLog.txt file stored on the server.

EDIT: See this thread viewtopic.php?f=25&t=503 to see how are the statistics counted and suggest better way!

You have now chance to show up yourself! See you all in the server!

So, who wins the first place this month?


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