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After many years of playing SWAT 4 together with our closest friends, we have built a great and strong community along the SWAT 4 game. Most of the time, we had really good time through all these years, not only in ETS and SWAT 4, but in the gaming world in general. Some of us, veterans, who stood at the very beginning of the game, are now accompanying SWAT 4 to its 10th Anniversary. I believe that there are many players wondering how long will our Community last for. Although no one can give a clear answer to that, I bet one day we will ask "Do you remember how it was like when we were younger and were part of great bunch of guys abroad playing SWAT 4?". I hope there is still enough time for asking this question, even though I am sure there are some people who left us years ago and wondering about us now.

As a honor of this special event, we are planing to set up multiple session through this month, so we hope that there will be enough people joining us!
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Good games and happy Easter soon! :icon-wink:

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