Changing ranks again

Rank changes

The time to make some changes in ranks has come here once again after a while. We had some curious period of new applicants lately and from that, we have earned many new great members! Since our clan is bigger and bigger almost every week, our leadership would appreciate another high-positioned member in our lines. Through the fact that there would be more adepts for it, we have come to the certain name. Let's be more exact now...

Jolty has been promoted to the rank of Captain, and therefore he is being given the rights of Server Admin. Jolty has joined our clan on 1.10. 2011 and proven that he is a man of honor. Not only he has been helpful and respectful to everyone here and in the server, he is one of the most important donators also. :D He absolutely deserves this promotion in our eyes. ;)

Sorrow and David are leaving our clan today. They both have been inactive for a long time. We hope you will find your way to get around one day again. It has surely been fun to spend some time with you guys!

While we are at it, I will also solve a few applications in this thread. I am sorry to tell that both LiveIT and Splinter have failed at their applications today. You guys did not manage to get required amount of votes due to inactivity. We still believe that you are good players, so feel free to create another application when you feel like you have more time for us. ;)

This is pretty much everything for today!

Thank you for reading,

Code high, commit sober.
Congratz Jolty, well deserved! ;)
Congrats Jolty, it was well deserved indeed.I hope to see Sorrow back one day...and David as well..He was the first person I met when I firstly joined the clan back at 2012 and he taught me the ropes..Sad to see him go, but it was expected since he hasn't been that active.
Thanks guys I was not expecting this. Hope to see you re-apply soon when having more free time liveit and splinter.
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Congratulations mate :clap: :clap:
Congratulation Jolty :D Well deserved indeed !
Congrats Mate!! :D
Congratulations Jolt! :clap:
Congratulations fellow Captain (pun definately intended :D ). You deserve this, and you'll be a great new SA. As our clan continues to grow, I have no doubt that you'll be there at the forefront. :D

It's sad to see Sorrow and David go. I had some great fun with them, but hopefully one day they will rejoin us.
Congrats Cpt_Jolty! I like the ring of that. :clap:
Heck, how did I miss that?? :o Congrats Jolty!! :D Hope we'll see our departed members back again some day

"The Wizard" ;)
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