big pardon first & Unban appeal

Sorry for the opposite understanding (up down down up) how was in my head of some important rules of the server ( and sorry especially HellPatrol and Xyzzy there is nothing personally it was all about the game sorry for that cause i was come with the bad habits like angry and madness from many others multiplayers games how have no rules and earn us bad thing without feeling so sorry about the bad past) . and Sorry to Task Force i was froget what happen in red Library but when i see one video of red Library i remember the map yes i was ramboing to cover my self cause tow leaders die and i was confused cause other team clear what i want start clear it after i found my self that i the new leader so sorry about that i know you as good friend in this server when i was play with you :D

sorry about the bad past anyways ladies and gentlemen my old personality is gone and now i am new person how will be more cooperative than before and why not going be one of the best of the bests.

First of all I praise you for actually putting some effort and being brave enough to write a ban appeal instead of joining the server under different nickname again.

However, I don't think the "opposite understanding" is what I would call the last discussion of ours as you:
  • Were throwing insults at me and Hellpatrol in private messages (you even created 2nd forum account to send it to me)
  • You said that your attitude was all about the game but it still happened in our forum
  • Started blaming our clan members even if it was clear that you were the one who has broken our rules
  • Accused people of lying
  • Failed to show proper attitude worthy of getting your ban lifted
  • You refused to accept the ban and kept joining the server, intentionally evading your ban
I must honestly say that I can definitely see some improvement in your attitude and you've claimed yourself that you are now a new person who will be cooperative, this sounds promising. We do not enjoy banning people from our server and we like to promote mature, friendly and tactical gaming. Your offences are grave but I believe there's always some chance for redemption and being given a second time.

I will state my opinion: I don't like what you have done in the past and even if you reflected a bit on it, I think the best idea and compromise would be to the test if you really would stay true to your words and show us that we indeed can trust you.

Here's my proposition adequate to your offences:
  1. You will remain Banned
  2. Instead of it being permanent, your ban would be lifted in 3 months from now on
  3. You are expect to not show ANY sign of bad attitude during this time
  4. You are forbidden from joining our server before your ban is lifted
  5. After your ban is lifted you will be put on heavily monitored status for a duration of 4 months and any sign of bad attitude or any incident in game with you as a main character will lead to permanent ban without an ability to appeal it
I believe it's fair. You would be able to show us that you indeed can behave from now on as you've claimed. But before we can put it into work, I'd like to hear the opinion of people involved in the last discussion that is (especially): Hellpatrol and Taskforce. I'd like to hear higher-ups opinion too.

You will hear from me soon when I hear from fellow clan members.

Sorry about it Xyzzy i was created for the one how insult me in team speak anyway it was wtf time and mad and crazy things from me and bad understanding for the things how it run her if i know you in real life i not was say that to you or to hellpatrol cause i was think the real life is other world and game is other world thats why say it was all about the game and for how didnt take it easy on me in the game thats why i say i was understande some rules from the other bad side mixed and blended down is up and up is down because i never think that some people in this server take the things her seriously and like real life and thats why i say too ther is Nothing personally . the other Truth and other cause how i didnt talk about it i hear too insults three times in my first start in summer and after it from three members in this server how know the rules and things how it run her more than me and any one . so actually when i was here the insult from three members i start pushed and understand that the insult is coming habit and allowed in this server and the job of that three members actually they should teach the new players in this server the tactics in game including warning them that the insult is not allowed in this server and not doing reverse that in that case i think we are = equal. anyway that was the bad past even they are not sorry i say now sorry to you and hellpatrol and sorry task force when i was froget the map red Library and no one can remember all things and this is another evidence that why i say it was all about the game (and Recognition of error virtue) also there other evidence why i say it is all about the game ( because i was the first person how strongly recomanding getting back the player after he is gone after the vot of some costume maps cause he dindt have costume maps some members how i was play with them too much they can see that like firelin and chlarmi and deroth45 and revolution and accuser + bandits and some others players how i was have with them good time and they are my favorites friends in this server . i think some peoples of this server when they see my big new change they will get impressed from that or they will not believe that. but if i didn't change for real my old personality will not say sorry and big pardon first and write appeal cause my old personality simply like the joker.

Your appeal has been Accepted

Your ban will be lifted on 01-07-2017 at 12:30. Namely, on the 1st day of July. If you join our server before this time or you show any signs of your previous behaviour, I will make the ban permanent again and forbid you from making appeals.

I'm leaving this thread open, let me know in case your ban is not lifted at aforementioned time.

-why i was joining during banne time cause no one told me about that if i join game banne will not lefted and i didn't read that option in any place.

- why in 2016/9 i did payback because i was not know about the option of report i was didn't entre the web site ets cause i was focusing only playing and i didn't create accont until 2016 - 6 : dec ( i was see when higer ranks left game like col Lt cpt others players start break rules and give the green light to do team Killing so when i got 3 times shoted i start going too much angry cause higher ranks told to others do not do team Killing but some players start do team Killing seraling to me so i was not remember the names of how shot me and thats make me understund after that to muche team Killing to me is the team kill become allow so i decide to do payback from theme all cause i was not remember user name of this 3 players and i can see after the payback every one start respect rules like team Killing but if i was know about the option of report i won't do payback of course and i will report thme of course all how start do teamkilling - and belive this 3 players are guilty cause they are teching new players doing team Killing and to help you dear xd xyzzy i rember the map how happen on theme that ( paypack happen in garag map and before the garag map ther is map of childer of taron one of theme he start doing team Kill when he see me i was want to change my mp5 to flash bang to bang susp to make susp not shot the civil that player he was in red team when he open the door he start shot me dirictly when higer rank ask hem he telod that i shot the civil but i didn't shot the civli i was want to flash sus but he shot me befor i want to change mp5 to bang and he start give fauls Reasons to the higer ranks after he shoting me they said to them that i shot civil but he didn't see the fire out from my mp5 and he didn't see messege of madmax kill hostege and this big proof that i dind't shot civil and susp how shot civil and i belive that player he is trouble maker and he should be banned cause he give green light to the team kill and he is the big respnbel for the payback cause he make me understunde that the team kill allow basded of that he is big lie to the higer ranks without proof like he didnt see fire out from my gun and he didn't see message down when the player kill hostege he is just staring talking and baased of that he know the teamkill is not allow and he start do team kill (about 2 players before map childern of taron i can forgive thme cause it was kind of accident)
MADMAX wrote: ↑
Thu Apr 27, 2017 4:34 pm
Um, if I understood correctly, you want me to investigate some players who were not following rules in the September of the last year? I don't think I can do that.
MADMAX wrote: -why i was joining during banne time cause no one told me about that if i join game banne will not lefted and i didn't read that option in any place.
Co Hunter wrote on Ur First appeal :

Well, I am putting this to end.
MADMAX, your ban will obviously not be removed. You only show us we did right keeping you away from our server. I will also ban your website account for the duration of one month for insulting. Any duplicate account will be instantly removed and your forum ban will be prolonged.

Thread *Closed*
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mr . task force i think i didn't read the last post good in 1-2017 cause i was banned in web site and confuse and that word duplicate i was not know the mean of it until i Translate it in Google traduction until now i was know the word repeated hhh :D
MADMAX, your ban has been removed. You are now free to join ETS server.

You will be under monitored status for the duration of 4 months, in other words until 01.11.2017.
Any sign of bad behaviour will result in permanent ban.


EDIT: MADMAX, please remember to join the server only with "MADMAX" nickname (especially during the time of your monitored status). Connecting with different nickname than "MADMAX", in other words hiding your identity is inadvisable for the sake of your appeal.
EDIT: MADMAX, please remember to join the server only with "MADMAX" nickname (especially during the time of your monitored status). Connecting with different nickname than "MADMAX", in other words hiding your identity is inadvisable for the sake of your appeal.

Ok thanks .

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