Clan information

What is the Elite Tactical Squad?
Elite Tactical Squad (ETS) is an international clan of mature and experienced players dedicated to SWAT 4 game. Our goal is to provide a place for other mature players to enjoy the game in friendly and cooperative atmosphere.

What languages are official in ETS?
All clan members and users are obliged to speak in English only, be it our official website or our gaming server.

Do you play any other games than SWAT 4?
Yes and no. While SWAT 4, and especially its extension – SWAT 4 The Stetchkov Syndicate, is the only official game supported by our clan, we do organize events for other tactical FPS games like Insurgency.

What are events?
Simple gathering of people interested in playing specific game at the set date and hour. Usually, a thread in forum is created giving everyone an ability to sign up. This ensures you will have guaranteed spot for you to participate in the event. Those who sign up take priority. However, it should be noted that some events private ones instead of public, in that case only ETS members can participate in them.

How much is the member fee?
There is none. Although we gladly accept all donations as they greatly help us keep the server running.

Becoming a member

Can I become a member of the clan? What are the requirements?
Yes, naturally. You can simply post new application thread. Your application will then follow our recruitment process. We expect new applicants to be mature and friendly people as well as have some level of understanding of how SWAT 4 is played in cooperative sense. If you are a new player, we advise you to spend some time in our server first before applying. This way you will get used to our tactics and learn the ropes before being put to test.

Can I become an admin in your server?
As it was already stated, there’s no “admin position” in our clan. Once you become a full member of ETS clan and got promoted to the Sergeant rank, you will be granted admin rights in the server.


How do I know that I am banned?
Go and look to our online ban-list. If you can find there your name or IP address, you have been definitely banned from our servers.

Why was I banned?
We ban players from our servers for breaking the server rules. Most likely, it is your case as well. If there is no ban reason given in ban-list, it could be that administrator has not edited the report yet, or that your ban was placed long time ago when we did not keep ban-reasons.

Can you remove my ban?
Yes, and no. We judge each case individually. If this is the first time you were banned and you understand the mistake(s) you have made, there is big chance of your ban being removed. If you wish to have your ban removed, you need to write a ban appeal in our forum.

Where should I write my ban-appeal?
We have a special section in our forum made for ban-appeals. You are supposed to write your ban-appeal there. Just fill in the template and submit your post. Then wait for answer from our administrators.

Reporting misbehaving players

I need admin help in the server, what do I do?
Type /calladmin in global chat and wait for any admin to show up. DO NOT abuse this command. You should only call for admin help if there’s a valid reason for it.

When should I call for admin help?
Admin call should only be issued in terms of specific situations in the server. First of them is when there’s any technical issue which prevents in-game players from continuing the game as intended. For example server is stuck on lobby screen, the map doesn’t change or the only alive player is afk etc. Other situations include an in-game presence of players who are unfamiliar with server rules and are refusing to learn them or are just refusing to follow them at all, are disrupting the cooperative, tactical and friendly atmosphere in any way, be it intentionally teamkilling other players, throwing insults at others etc. In short, admins will be come to help you but make sure you don’t waste their time.

How do I recognize an admin?
There’s no admin position in our clan. All clan members with a rank of Sergeant and higher are authorized to deal with all incidents in-game. Clan members with a rank of Lieutenant and higher can also supervise the situation in the server via online admin panel (they can be recognized by “webadmin” phrase next to their nicknames in chat). All technical related issues and higher access commands (such as banning misbehaving players) are handled by clan members with a rank of Captain and higher.

I've encountered a teamkiller/rambo in game but no admin is online. How do I report him?
If you need admin help in the server at the moment, type /calladmin in chat and wait for any admin to show up. In case no admin is available at the moment or misbehaving player already left, you can report him in our forum. Make sure to gather as much evidence as you can, it will help us determine whether reported player should be punished and eventually for how long should he stay banned. Also, make sure to: Note the date and time when the incident happend (include your timezone too) Write down players that witnessed the incident (eyewitness testimony counts as an evidence too) Make screenshots using capture software or by using the ingame command "shot" in console (it would be even better to have video evidence)

In-game team positions

What is coverman?
There are several important positions in entry team. Those are: pointman, coverman, specialist, rear guard and team leader. Coverman is a player who’s #2 in formation. His role is to deploy grenades if an order from team leader is issued as well as performed scans when asked.

I don’t know which area should I cover on entry, do I just point my gun in all directions respectively?
No. It all depends on the room layout and your position in the team. Usually, if door to the room opens on left side, the pointman should cover straight ahead sector on entry and then the right sector of the room, while the coverman covers the left sector and the rest of the team cover the straight ahead sector. It’s not a rule though.

I’ve been told that I enter the room way too slowly, but if I rush in I will be killed instantly, right?
You see, not exactly. It all depends on what’s the actual situation in game. If your team leader is an experienced player he will order the coverman to scan the room first or deploy any grenade on entry first. Both of those give your team tactical advantage by stunning the enemy for a short time or lets you learn the positions of suspects inside the room.

Who plants C2 when the order is issued by team leader?
C2 is always planted by the specialist, that is a #3 player in formation. If, for some reason, there’s no player on #3 position, then C2 is planted either by the leader himself or by the pointman, #1 in formation.

People are always telling me not to lean, why?
Leaning is somewhat bugged in SWAT 4. Whenever you start to lean in front of the door, suspects inside the room can clearly see you through them and either they become alarmed, start shooting or just run away. Those players, who tell you not to lean at all, either don’t feel like explaining the situation to you at the moment or simply do not know why leaning should not be abused and they were simply told not to do it, so they are repeating it. Leaning is not prohibited, but it should only be used by experienced players who know how to do it correctly.

Joining the server

I cannot connect to the server at all, what’s the problem?
There might be several reasons for that. First of all make sure you are typing correct IP address of our server. Next, make sure there are any public slots available in the server. Our server has 12 slots, but 2 of them are called “reserved slots”, which means they can only be used by ETS members and ETS recruits. If the number of players in-game is lower than 10, make sure you have custom maps installed in case any of those is being played in the server at the moment. If the problem persists, you can seek help in our forum, we will try to help you fix the problem.

TeamSpeak 3

What is TeamSpeak 3 (TS3)?
TeamSpeak 3 is free application providing a communication with your gaming group in real-time. It is way faster to communicate over TS3 that to use in-game chat. Voice quality is also decent and so in-game VOIP stays all the way behind.

Where can I download TeamSpeak 3?

Do I need microphone to use TeamSpeak 3?
Although it is advised to have one, it is not required. Without microphone, you will still be able to head other players, which will help you to keep pace with players using it.

I can connect to your TeamSpeak 3 Server, but I cannot join any channel!
Our TeamSpeak server is meant for clan members and SWAT 4 players only. A clan member must approve you before you can join and use other TeamSpeak channels.

Server settings

Why is the server set to COOP only? Can we play other game modes like Barricaded Suspects or VIP Escort?
We are dedicated to cooperation mode only and it’s the only supported game mode for our clan. However, if you want to play other mode, you are free to organize an event for it. If they are other people interested in participating it, then it might be possible.

I’ve seen that some weapons and equipment are restricted, like Tec-9, LMG and Optiwand, why?
ETS is the clan of long history. During all those years we were able to test a lot of tactical elements. Some of the them simply don’t match our tactical approach or were excessively used by some players in harmful or inappropriate way.

Is there no way to use Optiwand in your server?
Admins can lift equipment restrictions for specific round for you but it’s not possible to keep it that way all the time.

If there’s no Optiwand allowed, doesn’t the game just turn into mindless shooter then?
No. Although you can’t scan rooms without being put into danger, we have our own way of scanning rooms. All scans are performed by a player on coverman position.


People in the server are telling me to crouch all the time, why?
If you are on pointman position, that is #1, you are the first one to stack up by the door and enter the room. While stacking up, you have to give your coverman, that is a person behind you, some space to deploy grenades and perform the scan as well as give him an ability to cover you, that’s why you are asked to crouch while the team stacks up and gets ready to enter the room.

I joined the game, took the equipment I wanted and pressed ready, because I’m ready to play but people are telling me not to press ready before I learn leader and equipment. What’s wrong?
This scenario usually happens when there’s a new player in our server who’s unfamiliar with server rules. You can only press ready when the team leader is decided and when he inform others what equipment should be taken as well as what formation should the team move in.

Can’t I just take equipment whatever I want?
No. All equipment elements are decided by leader himself. If you want to take anything specific you can ask your leader for permission. If you the permission is granted, take it. If it’s not, respect your leader’s decision. Naturally, you can’t take those equipment elements which are disabled in the server.

My team leader is issuing weird orders, like just rushing ahead without any tactic. What should I do?
It’s possible that your team leader is a new player who doesn’t know how to play tactically. It all depends on what’s the situation in game. If your leader tries to issue some commands like “scan the room”, “deploy flashbang” etc. then maybe he’s just not familiar with the map or he’s new to tactical gaming, cut him some slack. Maybe give him some hints and praise his efforts, just be friendly and helpful guy. On the other hand, if your leader is not trying at all and he’s simply ordering you to go dry (without deploying any grenades or C2) inside the room and is has not fixed his approach after your inquiry to do so, you should inform an admin about it.

What does Rambo mean?
It’s a general term used in our server for players who refuse to keep together with their team and are rushing ahead or simply playing alone. Such actions are not allowed and should be dealt with. Try to ask such player first to follow leader’s orders first. Should he either ignore you or refuse to cooperate, inform an admin about it. You can use /calladmin command if there’s no admin in the game at the moment.

What are Rules of Engagement?
Rules of Engagement (RoE) are set of in-game rules which describes when SWAT members are authorised to open fire at armed suspects. You can legally take down those suspects who openly aim their weapons at you, at any of your teammates or at any civilian. You can also use your weapon if any of the suspects open fire in any direction. It should be noted that harming suspects doesn't lead to any penalty as long as you don't incapacitate or kill them illegally.

I've been told not to punch civilians. What's wrong with that and how do I make them comply without punching them?
Punching civilians, as well as complied suspects, is prohibited in our server. First of all, it's unprofessional and disrupt serious atmoshpere when players start to mess around instead of keeping their cool and stay composed. Punching or harming any of the civilians even once also deprives your team of 5 points at the end of the round. It doesn't matter if you punched civilian once or several times. The only situation when punching civilians is allowed to some extent is when there's no other way to make them comply, like when the only alive player is not equipped with any less-lethal equipment and he wants to save his grenades to use them later on suspects. As a team leader you should make sure that at least one member of your team takes a tazer before mission begins. You can also take tazer yourself.

People in the server are telling me I'm in the wrong AO. What does it mean?
AO is an abbreviation of "Area of Operation" which indicates which part of the map should your team deal with before entering the AO of the other team. If you are not familiar with each AO for specific maps, make sure to decide on AOs with the other team's leader before the round begins.

Is it okay for me to use |ETS| tags in the server?
Absolutely not. |ETS| tags are like uniforms we, as ETS members, proudly wear and respect. The only way to wear them legally is to become an official member of Elite Tactical Squad by making an application in the forum. Every unauthorised use of |ETS| tags, no matter for how long, will be punished.