ok I am back home and i will try to be active on server :D
Hey guys I just want to inform u that I will go in vacation a few days so I will not be online ingame mb on site but I don't know for sure. I will inform u when I will come back home. :obscene-smokingpimp: :obscene-smokingpimp: :obscene-smokingpimp:
hey mate gl
gl mate
I hope they will get ban cuz I know how u feel when people are insulting u and I hate it + now that I see the member list I see that StreetCrime is in the clan I hope he is not the same guy that i know from ETS cuz if it is then I want to tell to u that i don't like that guys cuz a long time ago he ...
Guys can someone put on TS his keybinds cuz i dont remember how to make binds like when press R to say Reloading !!
Hey guys i don't know why but when I try to connect to the server it say "Could not connect" I don't know why is doing this.

NVM I find the problem!
i try it all but same thing
Hey guys I don't know why but my swat 4 game is not working so good i cant see the options like Video, and when i go on server all things are like this |ETS|RC_LIVEIT with bold text and not |ETS|RC_LiveIT like it should be and i don't know why is doing this. Mb u can help.
i send
accuser i find 1 timerider on EUNE but i dont know if it's u
oh yeah the name change is with IP
dont know for sure i thk 12k
u can change u region but u need to pay that with IP lot of IP
accuser mate i try add u but i can find u mb u are not on EUNE