Sorry guys for being quite quiet lately, but I don't have time for playing right now. I'm preparing to my finals on University. I will notice you and we may organise something closer to February.

Laters ;)
Hello there. Actually, there is pretty quiet. Almost all of our members who were active some time ago, are waiting for Ready or Not to release. This *probably* gonna bring ETS back to it's glorious days :) But if you wanna, maybe we could organise something if other people will have time too. Regards!
I agree with LessLuck.

Personally, I prefer to get preordered game far delayed and get what I paid for, than get for example No man's Sky I'm happy that creators are straight with customers and they don't make vain promises.
Finally! I can't wait too! :dance:
After this trailer we can see how much the creators are modelling the game after SWAT 4. A big plus for them.

But 120 bucks for preorder is sadly too much for poor marine student :whistle: I will wait for normal release.
Hey its0! Congratulations with the kid! I hope the best for you and your family :D Anyway, nice to hear you. I remember meeting you after my clan application but then you walked away for some time from Clan. And the life is just going on. On my side I actually started my studies on Maritime Universi...
You have to fill ban appeal template when creating a new topic in Appeals. Then your Ban appeal will be processed by Server or Clan Admins. Ban appeal template looks like that: Name: IP: Offences: Why we should remove your ban?: TBH as I remember, you are permanently banned without any possibility t...
On Saturday, 09.06. I would prefer 17:00 CEST DST Time (15:00 UTC)
Officers: Silenthunter

Suspects: Chlarmi
Crap guys, sorry for my absence, but I couldn't be in home in time :( Some things went out and I had to deal with them. So I want to say BIG sorry for everyone who was waiting for session :/ I would like to postpone it for next week. Im 100% sure I will be available in next Saturday (09.06) I don't ...
Teams are open, select your slot. I decided to start event at 5pm CEST - don't be late!
Hellpatrol wrote:
Wed May 30, 2018 7:29 pm
I'm in for Saturday :D Do we already have a time?

I would recommend 17:00-20:00 CEST
I can't do it later until 22:00 CEST, after 10pm I will be available.
91 views and only 2 votes. What is with you guys? :(
Hey guys,

Last time I see some old members coming through, I have thought about organizing a public coop session. I'm thinking about 01.06, 02.06 or 03.06 of June.

For event Discord with working mic is needed. I will start listing to teams after the day, we will have chosen date for event.
Can't wait for it. It's tribute to all SWAT4 players. This will be insta click buy.