sorry for the delay guys, we are good for this saturdfay just so everyone knows.
It is time to have our first 2017 traininh session. And since we do not have any recruits at the moment, we will use this session to test out some new ideas I have regarding the suspect simulation partt. It will be on March 25th Saturday at 18:00 GMT+1 . Non-members and Clan friends are invited. The...
Welcome back ARzie. I don't think we have met before but I look forward, (I've been here almost 5 years now.) to meeting you in game. :D
Put me down as a Reserve
Welcome back Wilson!! :D

Hope you brought your rocket launcher cause we're gonna blow stuff up! :D
I'm starting with a clean topic to organize it better. We will hold the Insurgency session originally scheduled for last Sat to this Saturday Jan 21st beginning at 18:00 GMT+1 Sign up here, this is a public event so everyone is welcome to join. 16 slots available, first come first serve. Can't remem...
Reschedule for this Saturday?
Congratulations bro!!!
Let us know how it goes.
Your application has been granted a 20 day extension to allow your more time to play with our members so that they may evaluate you.

Please remember to stay active on our server and website. Good Luck :D
Right now the general feel is that most of you prefer the 14th. Therefore we will set it up for that date. I'll add the sign up sheet on the OP.
Sorry for the delay guys, got back from a new year's thing all weekend with's what I;m thinking. How about we have it either this Saturday the 7th opr next saturday the 14th. For the record I am a maybe on the 7th as I might be out of town again. But I'm definately good for the 14th. Wha...
Well isn't this a nice Christmas/New years surprise. Good luck Kazik!!
Welcome Julian, as Xyzzy said we need to have a member with the rank of LT or higher to check you before proceeding.

If you want Thugs and I can check you right now. We are on TS3 if you want to join and chat with us, otherwise go ahead and join the server.

Good Luck.
being the weekend, we could probably accomodate that.