New Training session Mar. 25th custioms and remixes)

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Barricaded Suspects -No Respawn Session #2

07 May 2017 - 19:35 PM

Hi there Guys :D so as u know again another session :P .. 5 rounds per each map .. and there will be 4 maps (mb 5 :D ) no respawn ..



Team can have up to 6 members.
Team can have up to 6 members.
This event has ended, it is not possible to join in.
It is time to have our first 2017 traininh session. And since we do not have any recruits at the moment, we will use this session to test out some new ideas I have regarding the suspect simulation partt.

It will be on March 25th Saturday at 18:00 GMT+1 . Non-members and Clan friends are invited.

The part whjere we explain our tactics will be much shorter so that we can go ahead with the practice part. And because we do not have any recruits right now.

The practice part of the session will use members taking the place of suspects as always. but this time we will use custom and remixed maps. And we will up the difficulty after each map. Each map will be played a few times and the teams switched around so that everyone can try it.

The suspects will only be allowed to use certain weapons and gear, but will be able to use more as the difficulty goes up. Up until the last map, suspects should try and act like the in-game suspects. The Officers MUST use our tactics to win.

1st map: Suspects will only use pistols and wedges (to simulate locked doors)

2nd map: Suspects may now use pistols and shotguns Wedges can be used at any difficulty so no point in still listing it.

3rd map: Now it gets hard, suspects can now use SMGs.

4th map: suspects can now use Any firearm and can place c2 on doors to make booby traps for the officers.

5th map: Suspects are no longer required to act like the AI suspects. They can nowcoordiate with each other to use their own tactics to ambush and kil;l the officers. The suspects will have a team leader for this part.

Note that the suspects are NEVER to use nades, and always must wear NV goggles, that way this isn't a typical barricaded session.

What do you thionk of this idea guys?

Sign up is below, remember we will switch the teams around and play each map multiple times.


Sounds good Captain, sign me up as a suspect ;)
Sign me up!
Suspect! I have to play suspect! :lol:
in the last training sessions i was in suspect team, now i want to try officers side. Sign me up to officers.
Trust me - you don't want me as a leader...
Suspect looks so funny, I will join suspect :D
The chosen one who will be dead in every single round --- |ETS|Neo :lol: :lol: :lol:
Sign me up ~ I want to join officers ;)
Sounds good enough, sign me up
i will be .. up plz :)
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We try to honor their deeds even as their faces fade from our memory

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Sounds good, I'm in.

Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter
i am in ^^ .

1.2.3 viva L'algerie .
Sign me up as suspect
Sign me up as a suspect, please
I hate my own nickname...
Can we switch training session to Sunday (26.03)? It would better fit my plans, of course if you don't have anything against.
Trust me - you don't want me as a leader...
guys , about scaning doors and corners , i think better replace it with optiwand or desable this tactic ( just for the session ) !
reason why i say that , you can t campare bot with humans !!!!! , i give u ex ; when we open door and sus near ( or not too far and looking to the right or left ) , he dnt turn to kill ( act like he didn t hear door open , or didn t see ) , for me the first think i do as sus , is cover doors and corners when door open i start shooting !

just wanted to know what u tink about that guys , but in general the idea is very very good , good luck for all ^^ .
greeting .

1.2.3 viva L'algerie .

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