Application to Elite Tactical Squad

Name: Brian
Age: 34
Country: Canada
Steam: B9236784
In-game name: EMT
Nickname I would like to use in ETS: |ETS|RC_EMT

Reason why I want to join you:
Was a member many years ago and excited to see you guys still appear to be active.
Something about myself:
Currently working in an urban 911 Center as an advanced care paramedic for the past 2 years and prior to the I was a primary care paramedic since 2008.
How long have I played SWAT 4 TSS for?
On and off over ten years

By sending this Application, I confirm that I have read the rules and I promise to obey them, I am not banned from ETS server or forum and I am currently not in any other SWAT 4 / SWAT 4: TSS clan, neither have I active an active application in any of them.