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I present to you the new schedule for all events so that you know when to expect anything. Feel free to sign up whenever anything is held. All events/sessions are public. Here's the schedule in question:

A quick set of rules:
1) Custom maps only (make sure to download them before the session starts)
2) Usual voting for leader and maps
3) If no leader is decided at 2 min until the end of the briefing, any of the admins can pick a leader for any of the teams

1) Standard rules
2) Vanilla maps only
3) Custom rules can be decided before the start of the session by majority vote (i.e. no less-lethal etc.)

1) No respawns (unless majority of participants want them)
2) Vanilla maps only
3) Standard rules
4) Custom rules can be decided before the start of the session by majority vote (i.e. no nades for suspects etc.)
Hey xyzzy
nice one but 2 quetions

can we have more sessions in summer ? ( July -August- September )

and what about Rapid deployment or Smash and Grab ?

and about time zoon i think its better to set our server time to GMT+0 ( for now its GMT +2 )
There's a clocktower in Hereford where the names of the dead are inscribed.
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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3
I've only included those modes which are popular here (COOP, VIP and BS) but I believe we can try S&G and RD if there are people interested, I'm not saying I've discarded them absolutely :).

Naturally we can have more sessions in Summer. Those are just regular ones I will make sure to organize but there always can be additional ones whenever people want them.
Hi there,
I'm still trying to understand the concept of this schedule,why it has to be like this? I mean for example why BS sessions will be held bi-monthly and not every month,and same for VIP Escort sessions,why have they to be every 3 months and not monthly?
We are not exactly VS clan and I believe it will get tedious very soon that way. That's only my opinion though.
I'd like to mention that those are sessions I will organize. Everyone's free to organize whatever they want other than that as usual, nothing changed ;)
xyzzy wrote: I'd like to mention that those are sessions I will organize
I thought those sessions will be officially held by the clan so I was wondering why that specific schedule.Now I understand :)
Good to see more events, especially they were not too often, and were very randomly organized so I and other people couldn't organize time better to fit in the sessions. It's good idea to organize event schedule xyzzy :clap:
Trust me - you don't want me as a leader...

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