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Hey guys,
I have recently came across the idea of moving our clan from TeamSpeak 3 to Discord. After trying that out today, I am only more confident about the moving.

What does Discord offer to us?
- It is free. We will save us 3€ a month.
- Everything that teamspeak has - except subchannels (as far as I know)
- Quick link connect
- Very own private server with well made management

I have already created a server for us. Check that out and let me know what do you think about that.

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Oh boy, can't wait for certain individual to hear about this change. I'm sure he'll be thrilled. :D

I wanted to use Discord since a while ago. Considering you can use browser/desktop/mobile app and it's free of cost makes this a welcomed change. If it's needed I can mess around with permissions/ranks/bots etc.
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Awesome! tested out discord a lot lately myself and it seems better than teamspeak in many ways
its very good that we will save 3€ per month
and i didnt use this before.. must try it now

Thank u
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Hmm, nice idea but do we need to register to Discord's website or is it just installing the client and connecting to the server just as in TS?
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I don't like to be a negative person (oh who am I kidding? ;)) but I certainly don't look forward to you guys moving to a discord.
Reasons for this are

1. The social aspect to it
(when you sign in to a discord and you regularly use it it will tell you updates about them, yet I have numerous servers that I'd need to connect to and getting distracted by some other community whilst playing SWAT 4 or vice versa... I'd hate it, I connect to ETS with a few specific reasons, playing on the ETS server or playing tactical games with you guys.)
2. Perms
(This is more a you sided thing but I've noticed that perms are less advanced than over at other voice services, not really a bad thing for ETS though)
3. Binds & Hotkeys
(The useful whisperbinds from teamspeak will disappear as Discord has no such thing. Again probably not too bad of a thing, but it does fully stop you from using a bind to contact Red team or vice versa. The Hotkey system seems to be very basic and very hardcoded too, haven't gotten too much into that yet though.)

Just listing a few things to consider but ultimately it's your guys' choice.
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Discord seems like a good idea,

Simply because I have used it for chilling out with STO members that I play with and I have grown quite fond of it. I know some stuff anyways regarding Discord a bit so you can use me to assist you in helping out. However to use in game requires Push to talk to make Discord run in Adminstrator mode otherwise it wont work can t be a fuss but it allows you rather than alt tab in and out of game. Financially yes this is acceptable there was originally a server actually created by a couple of regulars set up not so long ago forgot the link anyways but an newly established server is always better anyways I do like this move, For the cases of sub channels the setup and formation of Discord isnt like Teamspeak but all need is create the channels anyways and it will be in order if you copy the formation of it on the Teamspeak server, there are also text channels as well making communication fun as well. What can also be fun is the bots, what do you mean? you ask well with discord you can run certain bots for example having a channel specifically chilling out and listening to requested tunes from the users within the channel which can be alot of fun. anyways if you need more info about Discord Im here to help

I accept this approach

I have never actually used it, although I have it installed on my computer (brother used it for Overwatch). I'll have to defer to your judgements in this, but the general conception is that Discord is an upgrade from TeamSpeak. That €3 free every month is also a nice boon. I wouldn't be opposed to moving to Discord.
I'm not familiar with Discord but if it means we get (almost) everything what we already have as a substitute and let us save money, as far as I'm concerned: Accepted without doubt. You have my blessing.
Quick Indication:

I have created and replicated the channels from the TeamSpeak server and should be in order somewhat lol not sure from a person view it looks the same as mine but im not sure if it looks the same towards everyone else it should do, PLUS all groups havent been given all specific permissions for each voice channel I will look forward to doing this later on in the evening today. If anyone has any concerns to bring this to my attention

Many Thanks

Nice, it's awesome! :D
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finally ^^

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Hey guys.
Today I'm installed Discord and it' pretty nice.
I like how it is designed and it's free. It has very simple design which I like (not hard to set up everything) and it has overlay for SWAT, so we can see who is on the current voice server.
But on the other hand it has some drawbacks - we have to register when using discord. When it's not problem for me, It could be problem for someone who don't want to remember next password. We also provide email for Discord which provides to more advertisements (Still not problem for me despite I use Mozilla Thunderbird which filters spam). Also this program is still in someway Beta - it has some things which should be fixed, like running in Admin mode to talk in-game...
In comparasion to TS it has less permission acces possibilites and it's just more simple than TS. TS is very compact and easy to use. TS has very wide possibilities. But as a Wilson wrote I think that's not the problem fo ETS, we just use some basic functions like protected Member voice server and AFK channel (Talk power) or recording our chat (training sessions, Podcasts etc.).

But overall, if you find this communicator better than TS, I don't mind using it :D
Regards, SH.
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For the sake of sticking with the truth, I'm not happy about having to register (yet another password on my already long list) and especially not about handing them my email adress just for being spammed with BS mail.

Talking about our annual Christmas Podcast, we have been using TeamSpeak's integrated recording function in the past. Now, has anyone checked if Disco offers something equal? And what about the sound and transmission quality?
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Christmas Podcast is recorded once a year. Is it worth paying money for TeamSpeak server just to have the podcast recorded? I wonder... :think:
There's a lot of free software available for this. As far as I know, Discord doesn't have recording feature implemented (I can be wrong though).

So far it looks promising, I will test it out in the meantime. Should anything concern me, I will update my post.

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