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i just wanted to ask briefly, if someone could reupload the custom map pack on the Swat4 ETS server? At the moment custom maps do not work, when voted it just switches back to a default map. :confusion-helpsign:

Furthermore the sitebanners are missing quite a while now... probably not the most important thing - though an easy problem to fix.
I took the liberty to upload the old banners at ImgBB free image hosting, in case you have no more access to these pics or so (since they were hosted externally)...
You can link them directly or place them on the webserver etc...

Image Image Image

"Um...Just one more thing..."
I got access to the old pics, but since I have no more access to the admin panel on the website, I can't change it :(.
Hey there
I tried to add the images,I was able to do so but the problem is that only the chat is window is displayed,no other module is loaded
It gives me some kind of error saying ''unexpected end of template..." take a look: here

PS: I created a custom module,tried both BBCode and HTML in it,same result.

Concerning custom maps,I have a very slow upload speed,about 30 kb/s,I'll ask another server admin to upload them

Edit : it seems that the images are loaded in all forum pages except the Portal page for some reason
Indeed, because on the portal page the image links still pointing to "" (

Maybe the portal page is a seperate html file on the webserver... from the error message i would conclude you need to edit that "custom_center.html" with the correct links

"Um...Just one more thing..."
Looks like you could use some help. ;)

Code high, commit sober.
Hey Hunter,

yes the site banners are fixed now. :handgestures-thumbup:
"Um...Just one more thing..."

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