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Cool, sent in $100 euro's
It has been way too long since I've updated this thread. My apologies for that, 'cause there's much to report...

Our teamspeak 3 server has been extended for another year at the cost of € 37,34 on december 26 of last year. But that's just the boring part of this post...

... because I'm really happy to announce that we've received several donations again! To start out we've received a € 5,- donation from Razor on the 21st of December last year. Thank you very much for your help Razor! Non-member donators are always something special!

On the 16th of january we've also received a € 20,- donation from our good old member Thugs. Thanks for your support again mate!

Another non-member who donated (on januari 21) yet again is Demonspeed, who provided another € 5,- for our clan. Thanks again Demonspeed!

And last, but certainly not least, I'd like to mention the donation from Saltie. He was already known for sudden huge donations in the past and this one is no different. Saltie just donated another € 100,- (!) to our clan yet again!!! There's nothing I can say other than how amazing your support here is Saltie. Thank you very much!

It keeps amazing me how supportive both our members and the community is towards our great clan. Thanks again to everyone who has supported us in the past and to those who will support us in the future!

(clan balance has been updated)
According to the first page our website expired 1 week ago did you forget to pay the bill @struis ?
I bet it just renewed itself from our paypal account, so nothing to worry about here.
Yep... website has been auto-renewed (at a cost of €44,94). Clan balance has been updated.
I'm happy to anounce again that we have received a donation. Our recruit Carman has provided our clan with € 10,-. Thank you very much for your support Carman!

Clan balance has been updated.
Our SWAT4 server has been renewed for another year at a cost of € 91,99. Normally we renew it every half year but since things are really stable here (both the server and our clan) I'm confident to take a full year now so we also get an additional 5% off the price.

Clan balance has been updated.
I'm happy to announce that we've received a donation today from BupyC. The amount of € 11,33 has been added to our account. Thank you very much for your support BupyC!

Clan balance has been updated.
I neglected to update this thread for a bit, but here are the latest balance changes:

Our website has been renewed for 6 months (at a cost of € 44,16) and also our Teamspeak 3 server as well for 1 year (at a cost of € 35,19). These payments actually cause our clan balance to go negative a bit but I'm happy to announce as well that Jolty has made another donation. He contributed € 40,- to our clan, making our clan balance positive again (and keep the greedy bankers away from my door ;) ). Thank you very much Jolty!

Clan balance has been updated.
With payment for our website coming up soon and our clan balance a bit on the low side, I'm glad to announce that we've received a € 40 donation. Again it was Jolty who provided us with yet another generous donation. Thank you very much again Jolty!

Clan balance has been updated.
An overdue update concerning our server and website...

Our website has been renewed for 6 months on the 16th of June at a cost of € 44,49. Today our server has been renewed as well, also for another 6 months, at a cost of € 48,99. This would actually result in a negative balance so I tossed in a € 50,- donation myself which brings our balance in the plus again. We could do with some more donations though, to make sure that we'll be able to renew our server and website again in the future.

Clan balance has been updated.
I tossed in a donation. Should be good for a bit. See you guys in the winter!
I'm very happy to confirm and announce yet another amazing donation from Saltie. He already owned the record of the highest donation made to our clan ever, but now he just made that record even higher... a lot higher... Saltie just donated the amazing ammount of € 200,- to our clan!

Thank you so much Saltie for your support yet again. This will indeed keep us going for quite a 'bit' and will secure the future of our clan yet again.

Clan balance has been updated.
Damn Saltie! :shock:

Thanks for supporting the clan so much over the years, not to mention everybody else aswell. IF ONLY I HAD A JOB! :roll:
Hey Guys,

Made an update to Struis post the website time period has been extended to 15/01/2019

Many Thanks & Enjoy the Website


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