Custom Maps - Download with Installer [v5.0 Exclusive]

Download new exclusive pack of Custom Maps right now!
Installer of Custom Maps is included, so the only thing you have to do is to launch Setup.exe!

The feature of Installer is also sorting a map list alphabetically in your game for better orientation, as well as uninstalling all files when you don't need them anymore!
The pack contains 99% of maps that are uploaded to |ETS|Server, so you can keep a pace with us every time!

Version 5.0, the exclusive ETS only pack is now published! We have tested all maps and all of them should be working! Some of maps have been also added & fixed by Columbo.

Programmed & Uploaded by Hunter

Map fixes

Map testers:

Thanks to AST|<<<|TheIceMan for providing some of working map versions
induktio ( - providing some of working map versions

Version 5.0 Changes
• Some maps that were unplayable or crashing the server were removed
• Many more maps fixed thanks to Columbo
• Incompatible maps were replaced by compatible maps by induktio
• RMX maps now have prefix -RMX-, so it is easier to find them in map list
* ETS maps have prefix -ETS-
Note: Maps are not guaranteed to be working. Please, if you find any bug or not working maps, let me know and don't blame us! :-)

Important: Remove all custom maps using uninstaller script in your System folder before installing the map pack!

Old updates list

Important notes: Run the Setup.exe as administrator and install Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 (included in download) in case of fail. If any other problems occur, you can extract manually to ContentExpansion folder using WinRAR.
COOP Maps:

Our Cloud

Code: Select all!wpgl2AqB!IYuUd1j2_vdmKB82XtNFMg

Code: Select all

Code: Select all

Fixes maps only:

Code: Select all

PvP Maps only: (Barricaded Suspects, VIP, Rapid Deployment..)

Code: Select all

Old version 2.1 download links

List of COOP Maps

Are you willing to re-upload this Custom Maps Pack to any other server? If yes, you are more than welcome! Post your download link below or send me PM and I will post your link here, also your name will be written next to your link! Splitting file into more parts is allowed.
Also, I'm willing to upload this file anywhere you want, just tell me where. ;)

Do you wish to share those links elsewhere than on this forum? You are allowed to do so, but you must enclose link to this forum.

Thank you for downloading!



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Nice tool Hunter!

Just noticed a spelling error: I think you mean 'sorted' intead of 'shorted'.
Excellent job Hunter!! I'll wait untill the download is available again and try it out. Much better than downloading and doing it manually. hehe
Great work. ;)
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New & Fixed version of Custom Maps - Installer has been released. Plenty of bugs were fixed and now it's working properly!

Some of you maybe recognized that this thread disappeared for some time. That's because I was programing new version.


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Tested and it works without any problem. Just that 3h downloading wasn't cool, but it was "my" or the provider's fault.
I'll use this installer version from now instead of the manua version. Image

Off: Woohoo my 100th post on the site! Image
Awesome work Hunter, Im my eyes this is something that is really needed ;)

Ps: Im kind of late, but still nice work xD
This is great, but don't forget for those who can't get this to work because of the Win Xp problem, you can still download VOWS downloader for free and no registration required, all maps too, also a lot of skins and other tools.

(Only if you have problems installing with Win Xp)
I can't download it through torrents cuz there's apparently barely anyone seeding... x_x
You can try CZShare link which is below the torrent link. It will be faster then torrent is at this moment. I'm still working on patched version that will come up with more links and new torrent available. However, I'm having some issues with my internet connection recently, so it might go slow.

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So, here we go! New version is now ready to be downloaded and installed. I've been working for a long time on clearing useless files and removing possible bugs. Now I hope you will all guys enjoy it.

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Big THANK YOU for the great job, Hunter !
Nice work, Hunter, Im gonna download it right away! :D
I'm glad you like it! :-)

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Does anyone have any of these map/mod downloaders working on "Windows 8" OS? I have Windows 8 for a while now and most games before 2005 have some problems installing or running because there too old. Even in comparability mode they sometimes still don't work 100%.

I've tried to install the old VOWS downloader but even that fails due to it being made for Windows XP. Anyone have any idea how I can get these downloaders to work on my operating system?. Also every download link for this downloader is broken or wont load anymore.. think they all expired, anyone got a new download link?
Hey Andy, I'm glad to see some comment like that here. :-)

ANDY wrote:
Does anyone have any of these map/mod downloaders working on "Windows 8" OS?

There is no way I can test that, however, I think it should be working. Anyway, if there is problem with the installer, you still can extract archives manually, since they are not being encrypted as it was in previous versions. But still, there isn't that big difference between W7 and W8.. regarding to compatibility (imo).

ANDY wrote:
Also every download link for this downloader is broken or wont load anymore.. think they all expired, anyone got a new download link?

All of three posted links in my first post are working. There must be something wrong on your side, or maybe they are not available for UK. I am going to upload them somewhere else then.


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