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If you have encountered a bug while maneuvering through website and forums please reply to this topic. Add as much details as possible as to how you encountered the bug, where you found it and if it occured once or it's possible to replicate it.

The main reason behind this topic is that I want to know if anything happened, changed with the website as opposed to yesterday and any other day before that since I updated the phpbb to newer version (something could have gone wrong during the update).

Thanks in advance ;)
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Just a silly think and not really a big deal, I don't know if this happens to just me or not. When I click to the website at the right side of the screen it says login,
I type my details and press login, it then fails to sign in and takes me to the next page saying this information is wrong please try again or something similar..

But I don't need to type anything again it saved my user name and password from the first time I tried to login a few seconds earlier all I do is click login again
right away in the next page and it then logs in correctly. So the information is always correct on the very first login screen but it still takes me to wrong information page and makes me click the login button again for no reason lol. Again may not be the website and just be my faulty Chrome or something.

One more thing I noticed you don't clean your website data often because it saves my user name and password even after 6 months even after I've cleaned my browser history and cleared all old information data from my PC.. This can slow your website down in time.
Hey, I have a little displaying issue with the mainpage ('Portal'). All letters are boldfaced and very large. :?
In the upper left corner a message says: '[phpBB Debug] PHP Warning: in file [ROOT]/portal/includes/functions.php on line 532: Creating default object from empty value'

Noticed this today. I'm using Firefox 31.0.
Just me or is anyone else having this issue?

Forum looks normal by the way. :think:
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We have fixed that with LessLuck. ;)

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Guys I seem to have a problem with the website. When I try to go to the portal page while im logged in with my account it doesn't load the entire page... Loads only the header and the mini-chat panel nothing below it. The strange thing is that when I logout from my account the problem is gone but when I login again I have the same issue. Any ideas ?

EDIT: It seems the problem is only present in Firefox... Internet Explorer seems to work

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