2016 is right behind the door

Traditionally, on New Years Eve, I am here with a concluding post summing up the whole year. It doesn't feel that long time ago we were reading Struis's post where he wrote that we had gone through some hard period, but with the community we have, we had managed to overcome all of the difficulties we have had. We still are a clan full of optimism and good atmosphere. This is something we have proven this year as well.

I am of the opinion that this has been a very successful year for us. Not only we have extended gaming slots in our server and we even had 3 online & running servers at time, but we have managed to break the record of maximum number of active recruits. I can't remember the exact count, but it surely was above 7 recruits at once. With new people coming, we met new friends that are now forming this community.

During the year, we have welcomed some of our fellow members who have joined back to our clan after long time, including Detective, Referee and MouseIT. We can see more of our fellow members being around - just like StreetCRIME who has been active in our servers recently as well, and I personally hope he will re-join us. Some important rank changes has also been made. JoLTy has been granted the rank of Captain - so he is now part of our leadership. Another special rank went for Xyzzy, our member who is the first to have granted the rank of Honorary member. This is some kind of new era ETS will follow.

We are also celebrating Captain's won fight against his fried computer. He even said he is back in the game now, so let's hope his power source wont send him back to knees the following year. It is good to mention that we are keeping our fingers crossed for LessLuck, who is at this moment preparing the New Year's and Christmas podcast. 'The pain is real', at least that's what he said. Another conclusion of this year puts Struis chill back to his leather couch, because there hasn't been any recruit that would take up his rank of the oldest man in this clan.

I, and the Elite Tactical Squad wish you all the best to the new year! We hope to see you all in the server!

:text-happynewyear: Happy New Year! :text-happynewyear:

Leave your wishes in the reply!

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Happy new year guys,hope we will make some new records in the incoming year :)

P.S. I seriously need to take a break from the podcast... will continue probably tomorrow if I will be able to, anyway it should be ready to 2-3rd of january, stay tuned.
To sum up Hunter's post: We've gone through a lot, but we are still here, and we will keep going!Happy new year to everyone, god bless our clan!
Happy new year to you guys from myself and everyone at 22nd [SAS] Elite Virtual Regiment! Looking forward to the podcast and congrats on still being an active tactical clan in SWAT 4.
Happy new year to all of my clanmates and to my bros ;) . Every year we become strong enough to fight the issues which we have and i know that nothing will stand between us to stop doing our work here in the clan. I would also like to say a really big thank you to the higher ranks which gave me another chance to join back on where i belong in the swat 4 community.

Happy new year once again and i wish in 2016 many things may change such as new recruits , new programmes and gadgets by Hunter :D and many cool and enjoyable games for us to play and bond our friendship closer !!!!

Yet another year to shine for ETS clan with a lot of new and old members to fortify our Position as the Number one swat 4 clan! :clap:
Well written Hunter! Lets wish for the following year to end in best way possible. :)
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Happy new year!
Bobby wrote:
Happy new year!

Someone arrived late at the party... or just woke up after the hangover afterwards... :D

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