Just one more thing...

As you all have read in Jolty's post, there has been quite a few rank changes been made today. Some of them concern high ranks and also good old members who have been with us from almost the start. And that start was more than 6 years ago. While it's sad to see some of these members go, like Muppet and Reyb, it is great to see that we have so many other good members who can fill in the gaps. I'd like to congratulate all those who have been promoted. These promotions have not been given but earned by your dedication to our clan.

Now you might wonder why I don't just put my congratulations to them in a simple reply to Jolty's post. Well, that's just because there is one more promotion still left to be announced...

After more than 4 years of being the leader of ETS the time has finally come for me to step down. While I've really loved and enjoyed being the head of ETS, I have been struggling to find the time and motivation to fulfill my role actively, especially during the last year. While i'm really happy to see that our clan has been stable for such a long time now, I do feel it needs and deserves a more active leader. And I think there is one person in our clan who can and basicly already has fulfilled that role for some time now...

So without any further delay: I'm hereby promoting Hunter to be the new Commanding Officer of ETS. Congratulations
|ETS|CO_Hunter! I have no doubt that you will do great. You have already done so much for our clan that I'm sure you will take it to even greater heights. I can't think of anyone who is more dedicated to ETS than you are so I am fully confident that you will do an amazing job!

As for myself, I'm still thinking about my future position. I'm not leaving ETS right now, but I don't want to slide all the way down the ranks either. There's no rush for me to make any big decision about that right now though. For now I will remain on as Clan Manager and will keep taking care of the financial side of our clan. So Hunter and I will basicly swap ranks.

Last but not least: I'd like to thank everyone here for all their support during my time as CO. I really think it's amazing to see we have such a succesful international diverse group of people here and it has been an honor to have been in charge.
Thank you Struis for all the work so far, during all this time I've been here, you were always a voice of wisdom here.
Hope you will be able to still stick with use in ETS, as you've written ;)

Congratulations Hunter, you will definitely do great!
As mentioned in struis post hunter has done so much good for us during his years here in ets, the mod on our swat server as well as giving birth to adminbot,, justicar might have cursed the adminbot for all time but it sure has been a great tool for us. We sure have a bright future with you in charge hunter congratulations :)

As for Struis resignation i'm very glad to hear that you are still staying with us old man we sure appreciate everything you done so far.
Some time ago, we were discussing rank changes when Sokol proposed he would switch his position with me. That is how I became Clan Manager of this great clan.
There is no bigger reward you can get in ETS than someone offering you his unique position in clan, just because they think you deserve it. Loyalty is something I have always admired in this clan.
Now, when Struis, our beloved Dutch dude, is doing the same, I think of how I felt everytime I was promoted to higher rank. This feeling I have now is similar. In fact, throughout the time I have enjoyed growing up here in ETS. The difference it makes here is the fact that I see no more position I could achieve in this clan and so this is probably the very last post I am ever making about me giving thanks to you for the trust you guys have put in me as to put me higher in my rank.

Mixed feelings is something I am going through right now. I am very happy on one side, but very sad on the other. Sometimes opposite glimpses comes in their extremes hence small sadness in over filled happiness. Becoming this high positioned member of this clan is something I was always secretly willing to get, so I have been chasing this through all the time I was around; and so my focus was to achieve that dream and I have never seen much of anything else apart from it. Now I have what I dreamed, but what to do with it is not something I thought about earlier. I don`t think being a leader will be any easy for me to do in the beginning. I will need all of you more than I ever did.
Struis mentioned I used to be pretty anxious recruit back in the day, which he could not be more right about. I became more confident in myself overtime, but now it is like I am recruit all over again, yet for the rank of Clan Leader. The responsibility I feel I have now is enormous. It would hurt me much more to see this clan fall apart now (and I am afraid it is inevitable one day), so I will do my best for such fall to not be my fault and be as much far in future as possible.

Struis, the same I thanked to Sokol back in the day, the same I thank to you. Recently, I`ve began to use term `big person` and you definitely are one. Not only you have proven that not all biology teachers must be boring, you have also lead our clan the best way possible; at all coast. I also remember your beginnings in ETS; you were already pointing us the right direction even as the lower ranked member and that is why it is even bigger challenge for me to take up your position. Anyway, no matter what your rank is, you will always be the big person with respect and wisdom pouring out of you. I expect your help should I find myself lost in my duty.

The last words I am about to share with you here at this point is that I think of some topics we could bring up in the Clan Meeting I wish we could have soon or later. If you feel like there is something to discuss (clan matter only please :D), hit me with PM.

Kinds regards,

Code high, commit sober.
OK where do I begin.... :think:
First of all, Struis, I got to pay my huge respect to you for making the decision to step back and let Hunter take your position. I especially appreciate that you have decided to stick with our little family despite having little time. :clap:
Struis wrote:
I really think it's amazing to see we have such a succesful international diverse group of people here

That, my dear Struis, is definitely true :D Hope to see you in game from time to time mate ;)

Hunter, first of all let me congratulate you for becoming The Böss of this clan, nice to see that a long-awaited wish has finally become reality for you :D I understand you feel kinda under pressure now with the added responibility on your shoulders, but eh, keep calm and carry on. You have been a leading member of this clan since I first joined you guys, and from what I could see so far you were always doing a great job as Colonel, so I'm confident you'll suit your new position just fine. :D

Hunter wrote:
It would hurt me much more to see this clan fall apart now (and I am afraid it is inevitable one day), so I will do my best for such fall to not be my fault and be as much far in future as possible.

I think we don't need to worry about that for now, SWAT 4's still going great despite it's age and who knows, maybe development will finally come up with a worthy successor for SWAT in the future? :)


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Well where do I begin as well,

Despite Struis' attempt to being active as much as possible, I was able to catch him here and there in a few games once or twice and playing with Struis is an honour. Hell Patrol has already highlighted the key parts from both Struis' comment and Hunter's comment and definitively agree with them. I would also like to point out that this was standard and obvious that you were going to step down at somepoint, Im dam sure Hunter will lead this clan to victory even more carrying Struis' legacy. I do recommend to all high up members that if the time is needed Struis to be put in as an honorary member when the time comes and I do hope everyone would agree to that after all Struis' has done all he could to make this clan Formidable as it is today.

I do wish from all the members here to hopefully see you in action either on SWAT server and TeamSpeak as well

Thx struis about all the stuff u've done for ETS, and Congrats for Hunter about your promotion! Although I'm a new member here, I do see so many things Hunter did for ETS. U deserved it!
The chosen one who will be dead in every single round --- |ETS|Neo :lol: :lol: :lol:
Thank u very much Co.Struis ..
u are really a good man ( as I talked with u in TS before :) ;) )

and Congratz Co.Hunter ;)
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We try to honor their deeds even as their faces fade from our memory

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Wow this is huge. Serious props to you Struis for stepping down and giving Hunter the reins of the clan. Mad respect. :handgestures-salute:

As for you Hunter, I always saw you as the big shot. :lol: I have absolute confidence in your leadership Hunter, so don't feel pressured at all, everybody here has got your back. ;)
Wow ETS is indeed having some huge changes.
Thank you Struis for all that you have done for us you were indeed a great leader and I'm happy that we still get to see you with us despite your tight schedule.
Now for Hunter, big congratulations for you chief! Obvious enough there was no one better than you for this job & I've always thought that you are a natural leader, so you'll do more than fine.
Lead us to glory! :)
I didn't had much in common with Struis, but i know Hunter some time. Hunter is very friendly and helpful person. Any time you have a problem, you can depend on Hunter. He's doing much for ETS (making new web page, helping members, managing many things, sometimes just playing with us in nice athmosphere :D ) I'm sure he will lead ETS nicely. His promotion is 100% well-deserved. That is nice from Struis giving him this possibility to manage clan :)

I don't know what to add. Good luck Hunter 8-)

Regards, SH
Trust me - you don't want me as a leader...
@Pong you seem to have a grudge against ETS for some reason
xyzzy wrote:
@Pong you seem to have a grudge against ETS for some reason

or maybe against Hunter? although i don't know what would the reason be
The chosen one who will be dead in every single round --- |ETS|Neo :lol: :lol: :lol:
Well deserved promotion mate after everything you have done to develop the clan :)
As for Strius ... huge respect for stepping back voluntarily.
I have been under a rock for some time now, Damn, missed so much.
Congrats @Hunty on your promotion mate. It is well deserved :)
Anyway, back underneath that rock, I go....

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