Arma 2 session Friday Feb. 21st

It's time for our next Arma session. I chose to wait two weeks since alot of people told me they would be busy this week.. So next Friday we will commence training again at 20:00 GMt+1

Like last time, members of other clans, or clan friends that have experience with Arma multiplayer are invited. Priority will however will be given to clan members and recruits when it comes to server slots.

We were able to use the ACE and ACRE mods last time, which I personally think worked great. We will attempt to use them again, provided that all players participating can successfully install it.

For help installing these mods please contact LessLuck, we may have another pre-session "tech-check", but this decision I will leave for LessLuck to decide.

As far as what our focus will be, we will again focus on infantry and light vehicles, since we have started to make good progress follwing last week's session. However, if we have time, we may attempt some training with Armored vehicles as well. (Armor includes APCs, and things like Strykers, not just tanks.)

What missions we play will be determined at the start of gameplay. Although if I may make a recommendation, I do believe that the mission we played that was made by AST clan last week, is a good one since it is very large and very non-linear, A very good tool for both teamwork practice and leadership practice. if anyone else has a good mission (either an official one or a custom one) that they know of please feel free to post in the reply. We will attempt to give everyone who want to a chance at leadership since it is important for clan members to learn.

Please be sure to visit the Arma 2 discussion thread if you have any ideas for the game in general, and to keep track of follow-ups from our game session.

(I'm also thinking we might want to schedule a Swat session too, though not on the same day so standby for more info.)
Tim and me might join you guys this time.
Forgot to sign up. :P
Unless something extraordinary happens on Friday, I will join.
"You might think you know everything there is to know about me.. But really, you're not even close."

"I don't care if this is the end...So...I'll use everything."
I'll be there as well.

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