Ideas for an Arma 2 event?

It's been a while since we tried an Arma 2 event, so here we go, but this time let's hear some ideas from you guys on what kind of event we should have. We talked a little about this in out last clan meeting. Some ideas were floated on what we could do, how to make ETS have it's own unique style in an Arma event. WE also realized that because Arma is such a HUGE game, and has so many different types of fan made content, that we could do a whole lot of stuff with it, not just a military battle.

So for our next Arma session what are some ideas you have that we could try, what sort of challenges should we put ourselves in?

I'll go ahead and list a couple of ideas of mine....

1. A large scale battle. At our last clan meeting, one of our members ( I forget who exactly) mentioned he wanted to see us take part in big battles. Up until that point most of our events were centered around smaller engagements. We probably will need to hammer out a few more details on how we would set this up, but I've sort of wanted to try it too for a while. One possiblity would be to set up a mission where we are part of an effort to take back a city (there are some custom maps that have some big ones) with AI units, friendly and hostile alike, shooting all around us. Or maybe some kind of Tank battle.

2. This second idea is one I have has stuck in my head for a while, to put it simply it's "COPS: ARMA Edition". There is a mod available on PlaywithSix called "North American Law Enforcement" that adds various police car types with working lights and sirens. There are also a couple of mods that add police officers themselves (including SWAT) to the game. The way I picture this.....a couple of us make a scenario in the mission editor with patrol units and some suspects. Once the mission is created and ready to play we would all fill various roles. Most of us would be Officers patrolling a city or region, and a few would be suspects whose job it is to cause problems for the police. The suspects could do any number of things to get the Officers attention. It could be something as simple as running a stop sign and getting a traffic ticket. Or maybe they could take hostages somewhere requiring negotiations or a SWAT like takedown, or start a high speed chase. Basically we could have someone be a "dispatcher" and they could decide what the suspect players do. Alot of you might recognize this style of play from Arma Island Life servers if you've ever played. This basically is that except at a smaller scale, with our clan members, friends and anyone else who wants to join.

3. My third idea is an actual Arma life event, We would need to find a server for it I think.

Well those are my ideas for right now. Now it's your turn what do you have?

Please post here your thoughts. We do not have a date for the event yet obviously since we need to figure out what to do first. If we decide what we want to do first (we can try all ideas eventually) We will make another thread or an edit with the sign up details.
Jesus man you got some amazing ideas. First of all I would definately love to participate in a large scale battle with you guys and lots of AI and clearing a city is the best idea because ETS is very comfortable with close quarter battles. Your second idea is very nice indeed. To be honest I would gladly participate in any of the above scenarios. Still first we gotta look up the mods we will need and sort out what server are we going to use: is someone going to host or are we going to use a server.
Just my 2 cents:

1. Playing together with the AI sucks because you can not really communicate with them. You can easily end up not knowing where your friendlies and where the enemies are.

2. That might require a lot of work finding the right mods and writting down some basic rules for both sides to keep things balanced and fun.

3. What exactly is that supposed to be?

PS: I think I still got that one mission with a Stryker and a Sniper Team ready to be played. Since I kinda moved on to Arma3, you can have that mission and use it as you want to.

PPS: The (former AST) Arma2 server is now used by ITS. If you get in touch with them, you might get a server and some additional players for your event ;)
Hey guyz :)

Actually we have 2 Arma Operation Arrowhead Servers running , one with Mods - and one as a Vanilla version.

Mod server is passworded and Vanilla should be open to join.

Iam glad to offer you free space on Servers when ever needed.

So, if you guyz wanna do some Arma - youre very welcome !

Pls catch me on Xfire or PM me here or our Site to get in touch about the subject.

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I'd like to suggest:

1 - A spec ops mission on which you are sent into a village in the middle of the forest to take out a HVT from the distance as he is giving a speech. (somewhat a political assassination)

2- Have you played Modern Warfare 2? There is an airport mission that people might find it offensive but you could use that in arma on which you are a spec ops squad attempting to instigate a war by dressing up as the enemy (clearly against the war rules) and committing mass murder on a country forcing them to fight by your side (again super offensive to some people and i got it from COD)

(PS: I don't necessarily mean attack civilians, you could attack an army base)

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