Clan changeover

Dear readers,
I am bringing you some news that have had some huge impact on how ETS will go further from now on.

It is no secret anymore that I decided to resign from the position of Clan Leader in this clan a couple of days ago. By this post, I am making it official to public as well. My reasons for resignation are not only real-life related. For some great time now, SWAT 4 was dying. Although we overcame some of the toughest parts coming with it, we have not managed to keep the prestige level of ETS clan we were keeping for years (a SWAT 4 based thought). This is something I could hardly put up with; and I was not able to change it in any way - be that because of my real-life stuff or the lack of my ability to reinstate it. Our clan has grown in something bigger than what SWAT 4 meant to us. That may be why we ended playing it. Major part of our common interest and passion left us and what we have now is our common friendship. However, that is not something I want to be a leader of; but rather be a part of.

Our SWAT 4 servers and website will keep running for half a year from now or so and then it will be decided what comes next. There are some thoughts about 'Ready or Not' game. It is not finished yet though. This brings up the question who is going to take this decision when the time comes. This is something we were discussing internally lately. Since there are still members who want to give it a try, ETS needs new leader.
With no doubts, one name was chosen - JoLTy. The way I see it, JoLTy was always significant part of ETS. There is no better candidate for my post than him. He has now been given very difficult task. I wish him the best luck. To me, JoLTy was good friend with interesting and valuable options that drove us through many important decisions.

This clan was part of my life. Those people in it and people around were my long term connections. I am still a little bit concerned about what I am doing right now. I definitely need to force myself a little bit into this and I am partly happy it is successful, becuase I just could not see any other outcome of this than our clan dying slowly. 'Till the end', it is not something I want to sympathise with; as I'd rather leave possibly at my best. I would like you to remember me as a person who felt to be a part of you more than most; not like a leader who were sinking along with the rest.

This is my very last salute to Elite Tactical Squad, whether it is its rise-again or funeral.


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I couldn't agree more with this outcome of Joltie as discussed in the meeting. We all know that with Joltie Skills and Expertise he will continue the clan with you and Struis' legacies behind it.

I hope that everyone will welcome Joltie in his new position and help him out with anything that he needs doing around here

Congrats Joltie and Good Luck Hunter in the long run it has been nice knowing you

Thanks for the kind words as always guys!.

It's a very sad day for ets to loose you hunter, you have been the most valuable member for a very long time, and we can't thank you enough for everything you have done for us!

It's an honor to be trusted with this task, even though i was not seeking or that eager to accept this position in the first place, but since we still have some passion from other clan members to try to keep going a bit longer, get our swat4 server back on the marksmod server list and try to wait for the ready or not game hoping that it will be as good as we expect :think:. This is going to be a tough period a head of us, with a smaller amount of members and activity, for this to work people will have to step it up a notch and put in more work than before.

Major rank changes will happen with time, it can wait for now as we have more urgent things to look into. People Members or not, who has ideas or suggestions of any kind that you wish to take up with me don't hesitate to send me a PM or contact me on steam/discord at any time it would be taken into consideration warmly.
Hey there, I want to start off with saying I really hesitated to post a reply on this. As I see myself as just a person who stops by to play a few rounds and nothing more than that.

All I want to say is, I wish the best of luck to ETS and all of its members. I've experienced how the downfall of a clan is and I must say, it's not pleasant in any way. However, I'm in some way happy to see that Hunter stepped out at this moment rather than later. It's a tough decision, but as he said "leaving at my best" is the best outcome for him and most likely for the entirety of the clan. I also want to briefly go over the game 'Ready Or Not', I do not want to speak bad about this upcoming game, but don't get your hopes too high yet. Don't expect this to be the savior descending from the skies, coming to save the day. You can surely rely on the success of this game, once there has been enough footage and information given out to the public.

I strongly stand behind the idea of expanding the clan to a variety of games though, Chlarmi and I kind of had a conversation about this before. Surely the tactical element has to stay within the games you play, but maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to look for members outside of Swat 4. Some didn't like the idea of including franchises like Arma, since it's a very different game compared to Swat 4 and I agree with this. They may be very different games, but they're also very alike in some ways. The tactical elements of how you approach certain things will still remain. There are more games which could definitely hit the spot, I just took Arma as an example.

My best bet and preference of replacing this exclusive role has been Jolty all along, as he has proven many times that he's a very capable and initiative person. To wrap it up, I want to say (and especially ask) is for people to be more active and connected with the clan. There are people whom I haven't seen in forever and it itches me sometimes. How often do I see people waiting for someone to join the swat 4 server so they can play... Just join the server and people will come eventually. You won't be able to play if you do not decide to join the server yourself, someone has to take the first step. I've also heard the news of bringing the server back on the server list of MM, which is a very wise move. Potential members don't come up knocking on the door, it can happen but that's rare. They need to feel invited and an empty server is not very warming is it.

I hope that my words are not misunderstood and have some kind of value to anyone reading this. As I mentioned before, I wish all the best to you.
~ Fireline
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finally you did this Hunter : ( thank you for everything man .. and good luck in your real life ! hope to see you again in ETS clan ( hope so ) :pray:

and Jolty!!!!! .congratz ! man you are the best and i know you can lead this clan as well + there are good members that can help you so dont worry ;)

best regards

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Thanks for what u give us Hunter, u are great. :D
And I believe u can be a good new leader Joltie, I believe most of us agree u are the best choice of new leader.
The chosen one who will be dead in every single round --- |ETS|Neo :lol: :lol: :lol:
Wish you the best of luck guys. ETS will forever stay in my heart. Congratulations to Jolty, goodbye to Hunter and goodbye to fellow clan members.
Hey guys,
really sad to hear that.

Indeed, the great days of Swat4 are over. Still it is a game filling its niche with no real competitor around. Hunter, of course i can understand that you cannot go on without motivation. Its a hobby, when its no longer fun, you gotta stop... but i really hope it won't be the end of ETS.
Im not sure about the prestige part you mentioned tho. I think ETS is the only clan remaining, hosting a server where you can expect some serious coop gameplay when joining. Including active server monitoring and maintance. You don't have to punish yourself in that regard :)

Anyways, im glad i found out about this clan and its playstyle in 2014... better late than never i guess. So a big Thank You goes out from me for Struis, Hunter, Jolty as well as all the admins, along with forgotten members like Muppet, Marks and saltie. A great community has formed here.
We had some awesome rounds for sure and it always has been a pleasure playing with you guys! Hopefully there are a few more rounds to come!

"Um...Just one more thing..."
Congratulations Jolty on being the clans No. One now, I'm sure we've got the right man in the right position. As for bringing the server back into the server list, this might be a chance to get some activity into the server again (I did myself find ETS through the list) but at the same time, as Fireline said, we also need to get in for some games ourselves so that people can see that our server is still active - and honestly, I'm no exception from that. I understand if you feel too tired for some rounds after work or got other stuff to do, but the server being all empty even on weekends?
Second, I'm with the idea of introducing additional tac-games into ETS, be it with a permanent server as it is now with SWAT 4 or with monthly/bi-monthly sessions hosted by a member (e.g. the Insurgency sessions you guys had from time to time prior to the introduction of our Insurgency server). While SWAT 4 is still relatively popular we should also keep an eye out for other teamplay game with tactical elements in it, and I don't solely mean Ready or Not.


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Hello guys,
Real life comes first everytime... in my case all the time :( Anyway I respect your decisions guys. For me ETS is not only a gaming clan but a friendly community and will continue to exist even if when we shut down the server because you can always have a chat with some friend from the clan :)
Hopefully this "crisis" will end and when we find a new game we can continue with full speed :) Anyway I will have some spare time these couple of weeks so I can join you guys for a couple of games. Hunter and xyzzy if you can join for some games. Still wish you best of luck guys and don't forget if you catch me online feel free to have a chat ;)
Dear Hunter,

Remember the old times when we first met, great player and great person that i'll never forget.
Wish you good luck and all the best for your things and your life.

Congratulations Jolty, i think no one better than you can take the torch of this fantastic family.

I salute you.

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